Victoria 4

The most widely supported 3D figure on the planet, Victoria, has received an incredible makeover. Victoria is back with greater realism, perfect imperfections, and incredible ease of use. Victoria 4 works great in DAZ Studio and sets the standard for Poser figures. Order Victoria 4 today and see for yourself why she is the most widely supported 3D figure anywhere!!!

Yes, Daz 3D human figures have come a long way since generation 4. Genesis, Genesis 2 Male and Female, Genesis 3 Male and Female and currently Genesis 8 Male and Female. Even still, no other 3D human figure has ever been as widely supported than Victoria 4.

Not only that, V4 is also the result of a massive amount of 3D human figure experience from the company that literally made its living on the first generation of Victoria, each generation being The Best human female - Anywhere! V4 utilizes unique technology that allows morphs (shapes of the mesh) from the main figure (Victoria) to be read and followed by those same morphs on the support item conformed to her - clothing, hair, etc., as long as the morph was included in that support item. 

Daz 3D made it easier for content creating artists to include these support morphs through their highly advancing platform - Daz Studio. What began as third party plugins, the Content Creators Toolkit (CCT) was eventually included with every copy of Daz Studio giving artists free access to tools like Morph Loader Pro and the Transfer Utility, to name only a few. The point here being that it became more and more common that the morphs you needed your clothing to have were likely supported. If not, there in-lies the possibility to add support for them yourself!

Victoria 4, to this date is still unsurpassed by how much content is available for her than any other 3D figure, making her still a very strong choice for creating characters for your stories.

V4 Rosie and M4 Dartanbeck with Genesis Orcs

I have personally held on to my V4 version of my main protagonist character, Rosie until just very recently. Never giving up on her entirely, I still have many versions of her saved in my browser and in backup discs. There are massive amounts of compatible poses and animation packs available for her as well as clothing, hair, character shape presets and morphs, texture sets, tutorials and extra add-on parts and features. She truly is one versatile lady!

Nowadays Daz Studio and Carrara come with Genesis figures. Carrara 6, 7 and 8 came with M4, V4 and suites of content to go with them. Carrara 8.5 being an upgrade to 8, I'm not really sure if it still comes with the content listed for Carrara 8 (when I bought that), but I kind of doubt it. 

Likewise, I doubt that Daz Studio includes piles of generation 4 content either - focusing more on getting new users into more up-to-date content. Makes sense.

So, if I don't have V4 now, why would I pursue getting her? Several reasons:

Massive content support, much of which is almost always on a rather large discount being a big one. Take a look through the content stores. Some of those costumes and character types still haven't been recreated for the newer figures. If you see things that you really like, you'll likely see why it's been difficult for me to move on to Genesis - and I only moved on to Genesis 1, which still supports a lot of generation 4 things, like clothing and such.

Regardless of her base price, you'll almost never find V4 being sold for that. She's nearly always on sale - Always on sale in some way or another. There's really no need to buy Victoria 4 on her own, because most of the bundles that come with the stuff you're after for a really great price include her in them. Let's take a look.

Victoria 4 Complete (Starter Bundle)

A basic starter set, but it hit all the major bases. The sweet part is that it includes that massive collection of morphs. The hair is cool and so is the basic wear clothing, and the standard maps are just that - standard. A few poses to get you started and a whole slew of facial expression dials to make her quite believable. The next bundles offer a higher value for the most part, but if they don't include the added gear you're looking for, this is the one that will get you the magic of V4!


In contrast, this is the pack that really gets serious with V4. She gets everything from the above Complete Bundle plus the Muscle Morphs and High Resolution maps, including the really nice wet version, Eleite Shapes and several Elite Character kits, which are also a high resolution upgrade, each including presets and amazing new texture sets. Change Vicky into something else entirely with the Creature Creator Kit and the Add-ons, which will also give her hooves, tails, horns, etc., 

This suite also includes some great clothing, if you like these. I've found that having all of these really help to round out the library and offer a great selection of choice. I always want more, but I really like having these as well. Most of these also include the Unimesh version, which not only adds the morph support (I was talking about earlier) for the rest of the V4 family, like Aiko 4, Girl 4, Stephanie peteite 4, etc., but also adds support for the Elite Shapes that come with this pack.

The bodysuit is an amazing piece of kit which allows us to turn it into many different types of tight-fitting clothing with a click from the browser. 

This Suite Includes:

M4 & V4 Bundled Together

There are actually quite a few bundles to choose from. Check out the Base Victoria 4.2 page and scroll to the bottom to see what's being offered at the time. There are some pretty amazing deals to be had - almost every day!

Two more to show you here are bundles that include both Victoria 4.2 and Michael 4, and additional gear to go along with both of them.

Includes M4 & V4 Base kits along with two complete feature bundles: Aiko 4 Pro Bundle and Hiro 4 Pro Bundle.

Being a PC+ member, I grabbed this one when I already owned most of its contents, but the sale price got me the rest for such a great deal I couldn't pass it up!

Check it Out!

This Bundle Includes:

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