Carrara Zone

Carrara is an incredibly vast, yet easy-to-use software. Due to its vastness, Carrara zone is divided into sections to help keep things a bit more (hopefully) organized.

Carrara Info 

Carrara information center topics. This is all about Carrara and its features and so on. 

Carrara CG Workshop

Tutorials and articles regarding how I use Carrara in the endeavors of the main subject of this web space - to make CG Movies. Within, I'll often include links to portions of Carrara Info topics and articles.

Wanna try the Magic?  - 11/14/2020

Join me on a short journey through the basics of my current workflow for Animation, Simulation and Compositing it all together!

Pre-Production Phase - Concept Art

Pre-Production Phase - Scene (Stage) Setup

Volumetric Lighting

Pre-Production Phase - Character Setup

Production Phase - Animating

Finding Carrara - My Story

I briefly write my story through the years in 3D digital graphics, starting with my finding Carrara in the first place.

Some of My Personal Favorites is a page that will be growing as I get the time to fill it.

It's a page dedicated to some of my favorite content from Daz 3D that I use in Carrara. I thought it would be a helpful showcase of product both legacy and new and everywhere in between that is known to work in Carrara. Helps take some of the guess work out of it. 

I'll also try and make notes about the author - some of these content artists have a knack for making things that just plain work - and work well!

Just Getting Started in Carrara?

If you're new to Carrara and would like to read a great "Getting Started" thread about bringing in Genesis for the first time and going on and on from there, I can't recommend this thread enough, by forum member Diomede: No one asked me

Buy Carrara!

Check out my friend, Vyusur's amazing, realistic original figures and Daz 3d supplements!

Carrara Video Support Articles

These articles accompany videos I've published on YouTube. I'm using this hybrid method to help keep videos more brief and to-the-point, with the support of further explanations in a written article.

Introducing Rosie 5

Rosie 5 is the main protagonist (Hero) of my adventures. Here I use her as a springboard to:

but also:

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Have a Question? Just Ask!

I love to help others as best I can. This is a rather broad topic: CG Filmmaking, so my articles on any particular topic may not answer your specific question.

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