Do it in Post

"Do It In Post" is a common filmmaker term demanding that a team of artists fix or create something special for the film - often animated and often has to be unnoticeable as "An Effect".

Forest Gump is a grand example of this in many ways, like Dan's amputated legs and Forest playing the best game of ping pong that the world has ever seen.

For us it's the same thing.

Filmmakers enjoy the luxury of having a post effects team onboard and so should we.

Where the filmmaker is being able to have something created that would be difficult or even impossible to shoot with a camera, a digital artist can take advantage of post effect processes to save invaluable render time, keep from having to 'perfect' a particle simulation directly in the beauty-pass render, correct minor mishaps in a render that would otherwise cause us to start the render all over again from scratch, only to find that the problem (only viewable after the render) still exists!

That's what this section is all about. Learning ways to perform VFX (visual effects) whether to add something special or to simply make the end result better... it's a field of study that's just as vast as the field of Rendering, so we'll take this as we can - when we can.

Something that I'd really like to instill into my readers is this:

Post Effects, Post Work, etc., are not Evil!

It seems quite common that folks feel that a piece of art becomes more special if no additional software or processes were used. I must say that we Daz 3d PAs may have accidentally played a small part in that.

When we say "No Postwork", we're not bragging at how good we are at shooting a render that doesn't need touchup or additions, we're trying to convey the product as it is Out-of-the-Box so the consumer knows more about what they're getting - and that's the Only Reason!

Some documentaries don't really need any VFX, others might. All newscasts are Mostly VFX, but in a much more real-time environment, so those artists truly have to be on their toes!

All other movies have at least some sort of post effect done to them. It's not cheating even though it is. But this sort of cheating is done for one reason - to tell the story closer to the way the director wanted the story told - most of the time because the director thinks that it will be a better experience for the audience watching it.

Trust me - Every filmmaker wants the audience to enjoy the show!

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