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Carrara Kanji Kit 1

is a simple set of props of symbols made up of a front face, back face and edges framing.

Kanji Kit 1 comes with six props which can be used however you like. Turn them, flip them, change them to glass, lava, metal plating... use your imagination.

The vertical sign on the right of the image is three props lined up top to bottom. They're very simple to use and take no time at all to render.

Their default state has the front face lit up (glowing) and the color can be edited from the Glow channel in the Texture Room. The other surfaces have an Iron Ingot shader applied.

The purpose of my making them was simply to help decorate deeper into a cyberpunk city.

I admit that I have no clue what they say, or if they're even Kanji. I needed something so I made these, so I thought I'd share them.

I believe they're harmless - got them from the Windows Character Map

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