Wild Animals

Daz 3d has a Lot more to offer in the Wild Animal department.

Keep in mind that there are a LOT of other animals available at Daz 3d than what I show here. This section is all about Wild animals. There are plenty of gray areas for this, like Dinosaurs, underwater dwellers and even domestic or fantasy creatures.

For those, I plan to make more sections for their unique subclass. There might even be some crossover between them, but I'll try my best to keep a well organized zoo!

Oh my... Check this Out!!!

There was one of those sales where we can get 60% off select artists, so I went in to have a look. I mean, there was a Lot of nice treasure in that sale!

When I came across this bundle, I had to stop browsing to take a closer look. 

When this first came out I remember being very impressed by the Eagle, the environment and the motions, which led me to look at the rest of the bundle.

It's one of those things where the entire collection is spot-on fabulous!

Deepsea Eagle Bundle includes the following:

Check out Deepsea's cool promo video for this incredible collection!

Deepsea's Eagle is an original, fully articulated and rigged Bald Eagle made from HD pictures. Deepsea's Eagle comes with lots of morph and poses controls, and Iray material presets. Bring a symbol of freedom, predators, and kingly stature to your renders!

Deepsea's Eagle Poses and Fish includes a salmon that can be viewed from the side, from above, or directly-facing, as well as a ton of additional hunting and flying poses for Deepsea's Eagle as it flies away with a fish.

Deepsea's Eagle Aniblocks and Texture Add-On is an add-on for Deepsea's Eagle of a Golden Eagle made from HD pictures. This add-on comes with authentic material presets and aniblocks, and 2 flying poses!

Deepsea's Eagle Tree Environment is a complete scene subset with an optional Peak subset, plus several layers of grass environment and 11 plants materials!  Watch the eagles swoop, fly, and drop their talons into the water to fish as they drop from their spruce or pine trees!

Alessandro_AM really knocked it out of the park with this one!

Dire Wolf for Daz Dog 8 is a photorealistic, gigantic wolf with full articulation, and amazingly realistic wolf shape, a choice between two coats of fur with three complete material options, and a complete pose packs for aggressive or friendly and cuddly temperament. 

This pack includes some great animations to bring the Dire Wolf as well as the Daz Dog 8 to life, either as a friendly pup or a fierce adversary!

Check out this cool pack!!!

This slithering beauty comes with three python texture presets as well as 30 neck and 30 tail groups for smooth bending.

24 Morphs and 7 Poses make it the perfect snake for all of our needs toward bringing a constrictor - or even a whole group of them into our renders!

Have a love for snakes? Well, this set packs quite a bite!

Introducing Cold Blooded, for the Morphing Python!

Comes fully loaded and ready to strike with venomous and non-venomous snake skins, ground and tree poses, and a custom morph that turns the python into a fang-bearing deadly viper!

Viper Custom Morph with Fangs - INJ/REM

Snake Species Included

20 Poses

These next examples from my collection are considered to be Legacy, and some are really quite old compared to what's out today.

They are still very good for animating and we can enhance their textures to stand right up with today's more modern offerings!

I have both Gorilla for Genesis as well as the much older Millennium Gorilla, and I cherish them both!

I just purchased the incredible new "Deepsea's Bald Eagle", which truly is amazing, yet Daz 3d's Eagle 2.0 is still a beautiful bird of prey. I wish they still sold the additional texture packs for Eagle (later upgraded to Eagle 2.0) which transformed the Eagle into hawks and falcons, etc., - it was an amazing pack!

Homo Erectus - by Mec4D

Mec4D really takes us back in time with this collection for Generation 4 figures. From the highly accurate shaping morphs to the detailed texture maps for color, specular, bump, displacement and subsurface scattering.

Wild Humans from 1.8 million years ago!

Scatters - by Traveler

This "Scatters" series is really cool!

They come with low poly individuals as well as flocks that can be loaded in at once!

AM makes stunning wild animals. If we're really looking to bolster our wild kingdom, this is a great place to start looking!

Here are a few of his offerings:

There's a Lot more in Alessandro's Store... very cool stuff!

Maker of the finest consumer-level 3D articulate human figures in the world, Daz 3d also makes incredible animals and creatures.

Let's take a peek at some of the wild animals they have to offer:

...and more!

There are more wild animals and more artists.

Have a look at the Animals filter at Daz 3d!

Note: There are still many legacy animals available. Try not to be put off by their age, or the older style of their promo pictures. Most of the legacy products at Daz 3d are still incredible figures to work with - and some of those older models come jam-packed with great morphs to work with!!!


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