Underwater Realms

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Underwater Realms

Underwater Realms is the second in the Environ Kits series by Dartanbeck for Carrara, the Ultimate CG Software.

Underwater Realms is a set of preset Carrara scenes designed from the included Base preset scene, which includes all of the environmental controls, instructions and base terrain pieces, which can be used or not used at the discretion of the individual artist.

Underwater Realms is slightly different in that it relies on the atmospheric controls of the realistic sky in Carrara in order to produce its 'under water' appearance.

The kit includes three uniquely designed terrain pieces for the Objects browser - which, although they were

painstakingly crafted for this underwater set, will make a beautiful addition to other land based sets as well. Also included in the Objects browser is a "Bubbles" group.

Each Bubbles group includes three particle emitters that send forth Glass-Shaded, Carrara sphere primitives, which follow the directional forces included in each preset scene. Each of the scenes already contains a selection of these groups of bubbles, but these are also provided in the browser for added convenience and for inclusion in your own, custom projects.

Rounding out the kit is a set of shaders for the terrain and the water, which now resides overhead! With the replicated ocean primitive above the scene, the shader plays a role on how the light behaves during animation - albeit very subtle.

There are also three atmospheric layers of clouds within the realistic sky editor, which are easily animated by typing a value into the box on the main Scene tab within Carrara's friendly interface. These cloud layers are set to be far less thick than how standard clouds are normally set up, and are mainly used to add depth to the entire atmosphere-driven underwater appearance of the scene.

Finally, a helpful .PDF guide is included as well as intuitive notes, tips and suggestions within the interface of each 3D graphic design scene. Like all "Environ Kits", Underwater Realms has a helpful flat central area for loading any sort of subject matter you might wish to use as the focal point of your 3D renderings.

The terrain included is set up in two parts. Hide the central surface if you don't wish for your loaded content to be touching the floor of the ocean; it will now be floating deep under the water's surface. Some of the scenes also include the accent 'light rays' special effects that you see in the promo pictures. These are easily copied and pasted into other scenes, should you so choose.

So suit up and double-check that your life support is full and in good working order. We're not just going swimming - we're going deep into the Underwater Realms of Carrara! Whether you use Underwater Realms as a scene building aid, a method for try out different techniques or as a means of loading a fast rendering environment, we’re sure that you'll find it to be a welcome addition to your Carrara browser!

What's Included

Carrara EnvironKit - Underwater Realms: (.CAR)

7 Preset Underwater Scenes: (.CAR - Scenes Browser)

* 1 Base Scene containing all the controls

* 6 Presets made using everything from the kit showing a variety of possibilites and different uses for the terrain pieces.

3 Preset Terrain "Formations":(.CAR - Objects Browser)

* Formation 1 is sharp and irregular

* Formation 2 is smooth and rounded, transitioning to the jagged floor

* Formation 3 is spiky with many smaller formations, suitable for all manner of habitat.

Each are made to scale up large, or shrink down small, making it duplication friendly.

You can build all manner of scenes using nothing more than the files included.

Shaders and Terrain pieces work beautifully with other Carrara Environ Kit products.


* Grouping of three individual particle emitters that send forth glass-shaded primitive spheres, which are very resource friendly on your system.

Set up to follow directional forces already supplied within each preset scene.


* Underwater Terrain Shader Group

* Overhead Surface Water Shader

Full Environmental Controls with built-in instructions sets.

Carrara EnviroKit - Underwater Realms.pdf Instructions Manual.


UnderwaterRealmSurround (8000 x 4000)

FFloor_B (1443 x 1400)

FFloor_S (1443 x 1400)

FFloor_T (1443 x 1400)

FHigh_B (1421 x 1421)

FHigh_S (1421 x 1421)

FHigh_T (1421 x 1421)

GFloor_B (1443 x 1421)

GFloor_S (1443 x 1421)

GFloor_T (1443 x 1421)

Bark_B (950 x 1098)

Bark_S (950 x 1098)

Bark_T (950 x 1098)

UWR_vpod1 (640 x 640)


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