Back when I was still learning the basics of Carrara I asked forum members how they get space (star-filled) backgrounds and the only answer I got was to get images from NASA.

I wanted to have 3D stars that I could manipulate in 3D space!

In making my own starry environment, it evolved into something I thought that others might really like to have, so I polished it up into something nice and presentable and sent a copy to Daz 3D to have a look at.

Next thing you know I was signing papers and becoming a Daz 3D Premier Artist! Made my Millennium!

After a good run with six successful products, life happened and I got pulled away from product creation and eventually just closed my store at Daz 3D - but in a very friendly kind of way.

Anyway, years have gone by and it just feels right to put these things up for folks who don't have them. After all, I find them really helpful in So Many ways!

These downloads are the official products that used to be sold at Daz 3D, as the Install Manager (DIM) would download them - so if you use DIM, you can simply drop these .zip files directly into DIM's Downloads folder and run DIM (Install tab, as they've already been downloaded) to install them.

If you do it this way, the main products will appear in the Scenes browser in Carrara:

  • Starry Sky - is in Space

  • EnvironKits are in Landscapes

EnvironKits will also have many other browser items, so check out the pdf included with them (they're on their respective download pages as well)

It's been a fun ride at Daz 3D and hope to get back in there some day. In the meantime I'll just keep on buying from them and making cool/fun stuff in my beloved Carrara with the help of Daz Studio!

On a Windows PC, the DIM downloads folder is

  • Drive

  • Users

  • Public

  • Public Documents

  • DAZ 3D

  • InstallManager

  • Downloads

A note about downloading: The download links will take you to the landing page for the file, showing its (zip) contents. You want the actual zip file if you're using DIM because it has the proper name, manifest, etc., so look in the upper right corner of the page and click the Download button.


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Really cool original work, mostly inspired by RP Games. Lot of free stuff and cool articles and, of course... 3D art! Check it Out!

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