Daz 3D Bundles

Bundles are a great way to build up the library and are Always priced at our advantage, even when they aren't on sale. There are a lot of them, so I'll just highlight some of the bundles I've picked up over the years, as well as some that I have my eye on!

Note that some (perhaps all or most?) bundles come with things that we might not be actively looking for. That is part of what makes bundles Great! We add things to our libraries that really come in handy when we get those spur-of-the-moment ideas that require us to think outside the box!

My first bundle was a doozy! This is a great example of what I was just saying, because all I was really after was that awesome Stinger model (the Sci Fi Vehicle in this bundle) and the Amazing Millennium Dragon - and it's not an LE version of the dragon either, this comes with the full blown Millennium Dragon and all of its incredible shapes!!! 

I was really excited that, for this one low price, I was also getting Aiko 3 along with that stunning Sci Fi outfit for her, Mech Girl along with some cool hair, and the animals that come in this bundle are Top Notch!

For what it's worth, I'm still buying Aiko 3 (and other generation 3) clothing since there are so many cool costumes to choose from, they're high quality and they auto-fit to Genesis really well in most cases - using the Gen 3 Iconic Shapes for Genesis (clones of the original generation shapes to make Auto-fit incredibly accurate).

Emotiguy is also a wonderful 'must-have' to any 3D collection, and he's basically ours for free when we get him in a bundle like this!

Millennium Dog LE and Millennium Cat LE can both be expanded upon with additional content later, and these Limited Edition starter kits are a great start for using them and getting a feel for posing, rendering and animating them! Millennium Cat is no longer sold separately, so this is one of the only ways to get this wonderful kitty.

SilverKey 3d's African Elephant is a true work of art! So realistic!

Added note: There's also the Anime Starfighter Bundle, which only contains the Aiko 3 products in the above bundle - if that's all you're after!

I continued my Sci Fi collection with another incredible bundle. Most of this bundle is made up of content by the legendary Stonemason, who continues to remain one of the absolute Best in the Industry, and TheAntFarm (maker of the Sting Ray model in this bundle) is another who fits into that category!

Although I bought these bundles back in 2010, they still hold up perfectly with today's expectations of top-notch 3D content.

Everything in here is an essential part of my Sci Fi library. I have been using these products the entire time I've been in this.

Generic Sci Fi Corridor and Level 19 along with the Sci Fi Crates and Containers are so versatile that they all work well for many different scenes. Just using different portions of the sets at different angles with the camera can offer the feel of being in another place altogether! And who doesn't need extra vehicles to fill the traffic lanes of our Sci Fi adventures?!!!

While on the subject of Bundles, check out the wealth of content that comes bundled with Carrara 8.5 Pro! It's so massive that I gave this bundle its own page! Even if you're not interested in Carrara, a PC+ Membership often brings the price of Pro down to a ridiculously low price, getting you all of this stuff to help fill out your library!

I began this whole thing before Genesis, so I ended up building an extensive Michael 4 and Victoria 4 library. I still find M4 and V4 to be formidable 3D human figures today, and there's a Lot of amazing content available for them.

This Creature Creator bundle allows us to transform Michael and Vicky into some of that which nightmares are born! 

On the other end of the spectrum, we can also use these morphs and add-ons to create benevolent and cute creatures as well. Just mix 'em up with any other morphs and textures we need to get all manner of versatility!

The add-on packs included give M4 and V4 new conforming legs, tails and horns, along with morphs for all of them. Really cool set!

Who would think that cute little Victoria could become such a Beast?!!!

In contrast to when I first began, modern Daz 3D continues to offer bundles to help us get our libraries where we need them to be. Let's check out something more current

While not cheap, this Staff Picks Fantasy Mega Bundle is an amazing collection of the more recently created fantasy content.

It includes the new Daz Dragon 3 and the Crystal Dragon expansion, both Genesis 8 Male and Female Centaur, the new Daz Horse 2, an amazing HD Orc and HD Hobgoblin, Wings for Genesis 8 Males and Females, Clothing, several incredible scene settings from Stonemason... this kit is Packed with Awesome!

While Carrara currently doesn't support Genesis 3 or 8, our Carrara Forum members have been getting them to work nicely with the help of MistyCarrara and her Genesis 3 and 8 presets that are configured to get them working in Carrara!

Daz Dragon 3 works beautifully in Carrara without these sorts of workarounds. 

I've collected a few things from this bundle and still the bundled discount would make this a great pick!

Since I primarily go for Genesis and earlier content, I'll jump back to my comfort zone. But if you want me to put more Genesis 3/8 content up here, just ask and I'd be happy to!

Please keep in mind that all of this 'legacy' content that I'm showcasing here is absolutely high quality gear that works great in modern workflows. That's why it's so easy for me to continue the trend of using it!

To further expand on the compatibility of the Genesis 1 figure, I grabbed this bundle which not only allows us to dial up these iconic shapes on Genesis, but it adds auto-fit clones for these generation figures. So lately I've been buying clothing made for V3, M3, Aiko 3, Hiro 3, The Freak (3) and TheGirl (3) and they fit really well to Genesis!

With this pack installed, I don't think that there is a most versatile figure on the market today than the Genesis 1 figure, which comes Free with Daz Studio.

Furthermore, Genesis 1 was made to use multiple UV maps so that artists could really stretch the proportions of the figure, and give it custom maps that fit without stretching. Well by default:

And then there's the entire Generation 5 maps that apply to their presets. Ultra versatile!

Oh the memories!

When Genesis was first introduced and Carrara 8.5 gave us the compatibility to use it, I was in absolute awe of all of the different beings we could create with it!

This particular bundle adds a whole slew of head and body shapes that can turn Genesis into extraordinary creatures - but we can also use these morphs to add subtle versatility to faces and bodies as well, individualizing them from the rest of out 3D population. 

On that same idea, we can also use our human male and female morphs to individualize our monsters, creatures and animals! 

It's truly amazing what we can come up with when we sit back and let our minds wander as we dial up the shapes from this kit!

There are also some pretty nice Free bundles that Daz 3D decided to give to folks who use Daz Studio - they use these bundles to give in-app tutorials to help teach us how to use their software - and they're made up of some pretty nice content!

I already bought the Millennium Sub-Dragon, so it's hard for me to tell - but I think that they might give the LE (limited edition) version of this fine figure freely, bundled with the Daz Studio content so that they can use him in these tutorials.

Do check your Daz 3D account and/or Install Manager to find cool bundles that you might not have bought.

I think that we have to actively 'buy' this one for free, but some others are included with Daz Studio.

Smaller, more focussed bundles like this one can be the perfect thing when we're going for these specific scenes.

Of course, the content is ours, so we can use it in entirely different ways beyond this original concept.

I grabbed this one to add some ambient life to some of my animations.

Never know when we need to visit a garage to have our vehicles fixed or upgraded, right?

The clothes in this pack work well for street folks too. Give them different colors and they actually take on the appearance of an entirely different outfit!

I like to keep an eye out for these sorts of things.

Guns, Armored Vehicles and Dark Scenes... just what the (dark) Doctor Ordered!!!

This fun bundle includes the 2009 updated versions of Stonemason's Dark Places Bundle (worth the ticket price of this bundle alone, and then some!) which includes the following:

Perfectly sized sets for dark dealings.

It also includes the impressive and versatile M1025 HMMWV (Humvee) armored carrier, the M2A2 Bradley ODS Tank and the Firearm Pack, which includes a 12 gauge shotgun, AR-15 rifle, AR-15 tactical rifle, 22 caliber semi-automatic rifle, .308 semi-automatic rifle, 9mm pistol, .38 special revolver and a Tommy Gun - with additional accessory props and hand poses!

No Action/Adventure library would be complete without it!

This Fantasy Starter Bundle contains a wealth of truly iconic content!

Some of the most iconic clothing for Victoria 4 and Michael 4

Feathered Wings

Faveral's incredible Castle Creator Kit, which includes an enormous library of detailed parts to build all manner of castles with

DM's Kay's Lair - another nice versatile scenery set, Kay's Leathers - a sinful costume for V4, and Kay - a character preset with high-end textures for V4

and some cool hair for both Michael 4 and Victoria 4

Definitely worth checking out!

A smaller content bundle, Vampire Castle Bundle will add an awesome Vampire for M4 to your library - Vladimir!

Give him some ominous clothing and a castle built into a craggy mountainside... and you've got adventure!!!

Just in case, it also includes Michael 4


"No thanks, I'm trying this Atkins thing."

"Not funny Van Helsing."

Haunt your way into the deep recesses of a nightmare with this great collection to help your vampiric dreams come alive. No Sparkly skin and High School Angst (not that there's anything wrong with that) here... Only DEATH! 

A Mega Bundle of Bundles!

You have to peruse this one a bit since it includes two full "Pro Bundles"!

This mega bundle includes the Hiro 4 Pro Bundle plus the Aiko 4 Pro Bundle

It contains a whole slew of other great poses, clothing, hair sets and expressions.

Being that all of this is for Hiro 4 and Aiko 4, most of it works seamlessly with M4 and V4 

Wanna get into the action in a hurry? This bundle will outfit your males and females in a quick hurry. Remember, too, that this stuff auto-fits pretty darned nicely to Genesis 1.

This is a Massive Collection!

Check out the Hiro 4 and Aiko 4 Pro bundles and discover all of the goodies you'll get with this one

There are a Lot more bundles to explore. I'll be back with more!

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