Alvin Bémar

Alvin's Amazing Carrara plugins are available at and, therefore, require a free login to download


LightX is a plugin with new types of lights: BulbLightX, SpotLightX, AreaLightX, LinearLightX, domes and more. They are equivalent to Bulb, Spot and Shape (disc and ring), tube lights in Carrara 8.5, but the LightX counterparts have real distance squared Fall Off (inverse quadratic). In addition, you can choose an inverse custom exponent from any real number from -2 to 5.

Version 1.0 only includes BulbLightX, SpotLightX and AreaLightX (disc)

Version 1.1 includes new LinearLiightX, domes, ring and a convex light, too. 

Windows 32 and 64 bits and OSX 64 bits. 

The file includes the two version.

Fluidos v1

FLUIDOS is a Carrara 8.5 plugin that runs a modified version of the fluid simulators by Ryan L. Guy ( and Christopher Batty ( 

Now with spatially variable viscosity and obstacles can push fluid.


Version 1.401    05/15//2019  minor UI changes

Windows 32 and 64 bits and MacOS 64 bits

Videos by PhilW on Fluidos v1

A demonstration video I made - My first try at Fluidos v1

The Spring - Fluidos preset for Carrara 

The Spring is a fluids simulation scene of a placid spring waterfall.

Manual included. Fluidos for Carrara plugin is required (Download for free at ShareCG).  

This is the Carrara version of this Studio product:

Genesis Morphs Eraser

Genesis Morphs Eraser is a tool for reducing the Genesis files size in Carrara 8.5 by deleting unused morphs in scene..

For Windows 64 y32 bits and MacOS 64 bits

FLUIDOS II for Carrara

FLUIDOS II  is a fluids simulation plugin for Carrara 8 and 8.5. 

FLUIDOS II incorporates high-performance OpenVDB tools for meshing, filtering, level sets, and pressure projection. Besides the superior quality liquid simulation, now it includes other fluids types: Smoke and Volumetric fire

FLUIDOS II is faster, more powerful and versatile than its predecessor.

For Windows 64 bits and macOS 64 bits.

Daz Studio version is here

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