Winter Challenge 2017-2018

This page refers to the 2017/2018 Winter Challenge.

The Canal Winchester XC Winter Challenge is a voluntary six-week conditioning program designed to raise your training to the next level.

December 4th - December 23rd, 2017


January 1st - January 22nd, 2018

Training Log

Log your workouts here- Winter Challenge Training Log

View the Team Scoreboard here- Winter Challenge Scoreboard

Who? The Winter Challenge is open to any CW high school student.

Us coaches expect this to be a relatively small but highly dedicated group of runners.

What? Runners must finish all four of the following tasks to complete the challenge:

1. Attend at least 16 of the 20 Winter Challenge sessions (calendar below).

2. Log at least 160 miles during the six-week period.

3. Compete in the Brokeman's Winter Warm Up 8 Mile Race on Sunday, Jan 14th.

4. Complete the Oxbow Loop (8.5 miles) long run on Monday, Jan 22nd.

Everyone who completes the challenge will earn a custom medal, a boatload of speed & endurance, and a life changing experience!

When? The Winter Challenge is six weeks, from December 4th - December 23rd and January 1st - January 22nd. We will meet for training sessions three times during each week. In addition, athletes will be expected to run at least twice a week on their own. We will not meet the week of December 24th.

Athletes must register for the Winter Challenge by November 27th.

Where? Athletes will meet:

Mondays 3pm at Three Creeks Metro Park- 3860 Bixby Rd (long run).

Wednesdays 3pm at CWHS media center (up-tempo run).

Thursdays 3pm at CWHS media center (hills or speed development).

*Note: An earlier draft of our schedule had Fridays, but we moved to Thursdays instead to avoid several swim meets.

We will run outside every day, even in freezing temps. Athletes must dress appropriately!

Why? Completing the Winter Challenge will: improve your endurance, prepare you for outstanding track & cross country seasons, teach you to take accountability for your own training, forge lasting memories with your training partners, and motivate you to take your running to the next level.

Cost? The Brokeman Winter Warm Up 8 Miler costs $30 as long as you register by December 14th. The price goes up after this date.

Supply List

Every participant must own a running watch and cold-weather running clothes (sweat-wicking shirts, jacket, tights, hat & gloves).

It is also recommended that you have access to a treadmill for days when the roads are covered in ice.

2017/2018 Winter Challenge Calendar


"If you make it to the end of the Winter Challenge and you don't feel like you've changed as a runner, mentally and physically, you did something wrong. When you reach the championship season, and look back on those unforgiving winter miles- the snow pelting your face as your eyelashes freeze shut, the windchill penetrating every layer of clothing you throw on, the silence of the trail echoing your breaths as they claw their way out of your throat - when you look back on those winter miles, you'll look ahead and realize there's nothing stopping you. The Winter Challenge was the single most rewarding training regimen of my high school career, and I recommend it to anyone willing to make the commitment to take their running to the next level." ~Luke Schirr, class of 2017

"The Winter Challenge is encouraging when spring rolls around, knowing you spent all winter training. Training alone in the winter is hard, but the Winter Challenge keeps you and your teammates accountable. It's a great chance to bump your weekly mileage and a great chance for a turning point in your running. The Winter Challenge was definitely one of my favorite high school memories." ~Cassidy Long, class of 2016

"The Winter Challenge elevated both my perseverance and hypothermic survivability, two qualities that make me a better person today." ~Carson Clark, class of 2016

"The Winter Challenge gave me confidence in my training every week during track season." ~Chloe Palmer, class of 2016

"Good times during the challenge equals good times on the track. The Winter Challenge went far in helping me get in not only my best physical shape, but best mental shape, too. If you're a dedicated runner, the Winter Challenge is sure to take your performance to the next level. The Winter Challenge brought a sense of unity to those who I completed it with. We all loved it and it got us excited to work hard together." ~Ethan Fusek, class of 2017