Handouts / Documents

-Handouts and Documents for the 2018 cross country season (including all handouts from our parent's meeting) will be kept in this folder: 2018 Public Folder

-All athlete paperwork will be done ONLINE for the 2018-2019 school year. Athlete paperwork for grades 7th-12th must be submitted online by the first day of mandatory practice August 1st. The following page has instructions for completing athlete paperwork online:


High School Varsity Letter Standards

To earn a varsity letter, a cross country athlete must finish the season in good standing with the team, have good attendance at practice, and achieve one of the following:

1) Place as one of the top 10 runners on the team at any cross country meet during the season (excluding "JV only" races).

2) Record a time of 21:00 or faster (boys) or 24:30 or faster (girls) on a legitimate 5k cross country course during the season.

3) Be a member in good standing of the cross country team for three or more years in their high school career.

4) Be a member in good standing on the cross country team as a senior who has not previously earned a varsity letter.