Running Route Maps

The following are links to maps of various running routes throughout Canal Winchester that are used often by our cross country teams. Mile markers are included.

Unless otherwise noted, these routes all start at the high school track for 300 meters, then end at the high school track for 100 meters.

Ashbrook- 1.5, 2.5, 3, 4 and 5 mile Routes

Zekes Run- 2.1 miles

Railroad Tracks- 2.7 miles

Cross Country Course- 3.1 miles

Point Run- 4.05 miles

Long Point Run- 5.2 miles

Old Town Tavern- 5.2 miles

Point + Wal-Mart Run- 6.45 miles

Lucky 7 (Slate Run)- 7 miles

Winter Route (Start at HS Rotunda)- 7.35 miles

Lithopolis- 7.8 miles

Mason- 9.6 miles

The Route- 10.9 miles

Flat Route- 10.9 miles