FIRST Robotics Team 4188 started in 2012. FRC4188 was a reboot of FRC2967 started in 2009. The team actually disbanded from lack of physical space, but was revived with help from Georgia FIRST and Spencer High School.

Current Record: 237 wins 128 losses 6 ties (371 competition matches)

This team has been a part of an organization called the Columbus Space Program which is a STEM co-curricular organization that has been in existence since the year 2000. In 2002, a group of students from Carver High School were selected to fly an experiment on the Space Shuttle in its cargo bay as part of the NASA Student Involvement Program (NSIP). From 2003-2007, students from CSP won every NSIP award to fly hardware into space either on the Space Shuttle or on Orion suborbital rockets. Once that program was eliminated due to funding cuts, CSP started its own path to space in 2007 through the DREAMS program - Doing Research at Extreme Altitudes by Motivated Students. To date, DREAMS has launched over 2 dozen missions to the edge of space with science and engineering payloads.

CSP is currently housed at 3900 Baker Plaza in Columbus, Georgia with 4 rooms plus access to a full practice field space. The available facilities has changed over the years:

  • 2009 Columbus High School Classroom, Room 214
  • 2010 Columbus High School Biology Lab
  • 2011 St. Elmo Center. 2 rooms
  • 2012 Spencer High School, 1 auto bay
  • 2013 Jordan High School, 2 rooms
  • 2014-2018 Marshall Middle School, 3 rooms + gym
  • 2019- MCSD STEM Center, 4 rooms + gym

Team Photos Back to 2009

2018 Season completed: 52-31

Week 1: Quarterfinalists at Gainesville District (FRC6177, FRC1683), EI Winner, Safety Award

Week 4: Quarterfinalists at Columbus District (FRC1414, FRC5840), Chairman's Award

Week 5: Finalists of Duluth District (FRC6829,FRC1771), Safety Award, Quality Award

Week 6: Finalists at PCH State Competition (FRC4189, FRC4941)

Week 8: World Championship, Houston: Semifinalists Roebling (FRC4522, FRC2383, and FRC5985)

2017 Season completed: 65-27-3 :: World Champion Finalists on Einstein and Festival of Champion Finalists

Week 1: Semifinalists at Gainesville District (FRC4941, FRC6325), EI Winner

Week 3: Finalists at Columbus District (FRC1746, FRC6177), Quality Award

Week 4: Winners of Albany District (FRC2974,FRC5828), Safety Award, Quality Award

Week 6: Finalists at PCH State Competition (FRC1002, FRC4112), Winners of PCH Engineering Inspiration, Dean's List Finalist - Hallie Richardson

World Championship, Houston: Winner of Newton 2017 at Houston World Championship with the amazing alliance partners FRC118, FRC1678, and FRC5892

Championship Finalists. 1st Georgia team in Einstein Finals.

Class of Champions, Red Alliance with FRC973, FRC1011, and FRC5499: Finalists

2016 Season completed: 58-30-1

Week 2: Columbus District. Won the District (FRC4468, FRC5074) + Engineering Innovation Award

Week 3: Albany District: Finalists (FRC1648, FRC4730) + Engineering Inspiration Award

Week 4: Huntsville Rocket City Regional: Finalist (FRC364, FRC801), Wild Card to Worlds!

Week 7: Athens Georgia State Championship - semifinalists (FRC1771, FRC5608) + Woodie Flowers Finalist

Week 9: World Championships (St. Louis)

October 22, 2016: GRITS off-season tournament (Gainesville, GA) - semifinalists (FRC1261, FRC2974)

2015 Season Completed: 38-10 (by scores)

Peachtree Regional Winner. Captain of Alliance with Team 343 and Team108, Georgia Southern Classic, Judges Award, World Championship - Quarterfinals (FRC1720,FRC4678,FRC5188)

2014 Season Completed: 9-4

Peachtree Regional. Ranked 9th out of 64. Semifinals (with FRC343, FRC4941).

2013 Season Completed: 6-3

2013 Spirit Award, 3rd Place Chairman Award at Peachtree Regional. placed #19 out of 60 teams.

2012 Season Completed: 10-18-1

Peachtree Regional Rookie All-Star Winners. Placed #23 out of 62 teams, Quarterfinals (with FRC2974, FRC4177) 4th place Rookie team in Newton Division at 2012 FIRST World Championship.

2013 BEST Robotics War Eagle BEST 1st place Design award

2012 BEST Robotics War Eagle BEST 1st place robot. 2012 5th place overall at South's BEST national competition.

2011 Season (FRC2967): 9-6

Gracious Professionalism Award, Ranked 7th at Peachtree out of 66. Semifinals as alliance captain (with FRC2655, FRC1848)

2010 Season (FRC2967): 4-7-1

2009 Season (FRC2967): 4-4-1

Rookie Inspiration Award