• President: Craig MacGibbon
      • Vice President
      • Treasurer: Stacy Garee
      • Secretary

CSP needs our parents for us to be fully operational! Here is a list of needs we have that parents can fulfill:

  • (at competitions) drive advance team to the competition - usually leave on a Thursday and stay Thu night and Fri night to return Saturday
  • (at competitions) arrange daytime meals for team - take orders/pickup somewhere local
  • (at competition) help with strategic scouting - watching matches and making strategy notes
  • coordinate meals on Fri/Sat at HQ
  • coordinate drinks/snacks
  • security camera installation - have a security DVR system with 12 cameras that need installation
  • trophy case building
  • wall signs & banner placement
  • set up robot museum
  • DE field management - coordinate scrimmages with teams and volunteers
  • sponsor recognition
  • site cleaning
  • Mentoring - media team: need experienced adults in communications, graphic arts, web sites, written award submissions
  • Mentoring - engineering. No engineering degree required. For instance, one of our best past mentors was a car mechanic who had great knowledge of basic tool use. Engineering mentors act as sounding boards and ask a lot of common sense questions.