Next Mission: DREAMS-33 in Fall 2021. Mission in development.

DREAMS-32 Cubesat Engineering Test - April 24, 2021. Full flight video, burst at 97700ft.

DREAMS-31 July 11th, 2020 complete! Reached 109,000 ft, Another visual recovery (see video).

DREAMS-30. 101,423 ft altitude reached. Mission recovered visually! More data and video posted soon.

Video of liftoff as seen by drone:

360 Video of liftoff :

Video of recovery from drone:

DREAMS-29 Complete! 103,500 feet on November 17, 2018

DREAMS-28 Mission Complete! June 30, 2018. See pictures HERE

Current Flight Prediction -

This is a very short path that goes south then west before bursting near 90,000 feet. The red triangle is our favorite landing area due the expanse of flat farm land. Of course, it is surrounded by alligator filled swamps!

Surface weather is ideal for launch with less than 15% cloud cover and winds under 5mph.

(update 5/17/19)

Payloads: Stratospheric Microorganism Collection, Survivability of Planaria and Moss in Space Conditions, Radiation Shielding (twin Geiger counters with one on a neodymium magnet) Pressure, Temperature, Still images, 360 video, GoPro video, 3-axis 16-bit Magnetic field