Join Robotics!

FIRST Robotics is sometimes called the Varsity Sport of the Mind. Contributions from many students in different areas combine to make an impact on our community each year. Central to the competition is building a 150 pound robot to meet the design requirements released in the form of a new game each year on the 1st Saturday in January where the student team has 6 weeks to design, build, and test their solution to the challenge before locking it up in a bag on "Bag & Tag" day. Throughout the year, our students help other teams of K-12 students with their STEM projects in hopes of spreading the excitement of FIRST Robotics and STEM in general.

What does it take to join FRC4188?

  • Be at a MCSD school with a teacher who is a mentor for the team. Currently, Columbus High School and Hardaway High School are involved.
  • Willingness to learn. Many of our student team members begin without any experience using tools or making multimedia products. We have to teach new team members so it is a requirement to come in with energy to learn some new skills.
  • Complete the application/parent permission and participate in the Fall training sessions to increase your skill level in areas like Mechanisms, Design, Programming, Welding, Electrical, Pneumatics, Safety, Media, Strategy, and Awards. Time commitment in the Fall depends on how much training you need and whether you are on the off-season competition team that goes to events with last years robot. A schedule for the Fall training is posted on the Calendar page.

Competition season is intense as we only have 6 weeks to complete the challenge Team members will meet at specialty meetings during the week (like Programmers might meet on Monday) and then the whole team meets Thursday 4-7pm, Friday 4-9pm, and Saturday 10am-6pm. For team members who are on the Drive Team, practice will continue past the build season and all team members will prepare for competitions in March and hopefully April if we earn a bid to the World Championship!

Recuitment Meeting for Columbus High School - Tuesday, August 21st at 3:30pm in the Auditorium

Forms and Training Sign up available at the end of the Recruitment meetings