FREE Research Opportunity for FLL Teams: Send an experiment to the edge of space aboard as DREAMS high altitude payload!

Teacher High Altitude Science Workshop on Saturday, August 25th at MCSD STEM Center from 9am to noon

Two categories for FLL payloads - (1) use data from sensor suite (2) fly custom payload [selected payloads only] Complete the form below for more information (direct link here)

CSP Mentoring Schedule

Team can send an adult/coach with part of your team to learn basic skills, or work on any part of the FLL competition with help from CSP team members. There will be at least one field set up so teams can just bring their robots.

The season culminates with an informal scrimmage event the Saturday before the Regional competition at CSU.

Team/School/Organization Coach Team Number* *registered for 2018

Dawson Elem Dione David 35938

River Road John Bullard, Sherah Cash 36517

Downtown Elem Inez Parker 36518

Eddy Shamar Bedford, Michael Murphy 36519

Rothschild Justin Osoh, Leonard Holsey 15206

Key Julie Wood 36516

Blackmon Road Harry Powell 36161

Wesley Heights James Ray 36138

Veterans MS Sam Simpkins 35839

Hannan HydroHawks 26852

Dimon Dolphins 28740

Smart Girls 253

Baker Bryan Little

CSP Space Cadets*

General Info for Starting Robotics Teams

Grades K-2. Teams up to 6 students. Registration $75. Starter Kit $190. Recommended Add-ons $315. T-shirts, snacks/drinks, presentation materials $200. (Minimum $265)


Grades 3-8. Teams up to 10 students. Registration $300. Robot Set with Expansion Kit $559, T-shirts/snacks/drinks/presentation materials $350 (Minimum $500)


Learning (scaffold approach)

How to Organize/Run a Team


Coaches Resources


Courses for Learning

FLL Casts

WAFFLES Robotics FLL Learning Page

Examples of Presentations

Core Value -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQjBpd3iIX8

Project -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJ3cs9W83Ug

Robot -- =https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzsZrDDekWQ

What can an EV3 do?

Solve Rubics Cube



Flower Mission 2017

2017 Robot in 3 Days



Sumo competitions


Hand out flyers


FLL Resources

Programming and Building lessons - Dr. Graeme

EV3 lessons


Poster for FLL Recruitment

Virtual Brick

Testing, 2012

Getting started with Mindstorm Programming EV3 (14 minutes, YouTube)