"Welcome to CSP, we're just getting started."

Media Team 2020 - 2021

Training for the 2021 - 2022 Season for FTC and FRC Roster:

  • Complete the training recommended for one or more areas of Media by September 10

  • Complete one or more projects identified on the Project List -- for use by CSP and/or the FTC teams -- by October 1

Graphic Design Resources.docx
Graphic Design Training.docx
Photo Resources.docx

Projects for CSP

Project List 2021.xlsx


Graphic Arts

Video Image

Web & Social

Brand Guidelines for CSP:

CSP Brand Manual FINAL finished spread.pdf

Official Logos located at bottom of this page.


FIRST Awards List

  • Chairman's Award

  • Engineering Inspiration

  • Entrepreneurship

Awards 2021 disc.pdf

Graphic Art

  • Image Editing Software:

    • Adobe Illustrator

    • Adobe Photoshop

    • GIMP

  • Concepts

    • Infographics

      • Less words, more design

    • Brand

      • Team colors

      • Team fonts

Video Image

  • Video Editors:

    • Adobe Premiere Pro

    • Windows Movie Maker

Logos (CSP January 2021)