The 31st mission of the DREAMS program is scheduled for launch on July 11th, 2020 if weather and all critical systems are go. (flight go/no-go criteria listed below)

The flight is a join mission with Quest for Stars which will be flying the latest version of StratoShuttle (see screen shot below).

The top box will be DREAMS payloads to include:

  • Primary APRS
  • SPOT tracker
  • 3 cameras (2 360 cameras plus a still image camera)
  • Raspberry Pi-4B flight computer with a science sensor suite (see image to the right)

Quest for Stars: Strato Shuttle

Live video during flight with data embedded onscreen

Securing the palyload after functional go live

Go / No-go Criteria

All critical systems should be demonstrated to be working by July 5th

All flight systems including batteries and ground tracking demonstrated at Flight Readiness Review on July 10th

Ground winds less than 15 mph

Cloud cover less than 50%

Preferred Landing Zone Shown Below - Path Predictions Starting July 1st with possible Launch Locations

Student Team: TBD