Onshape is an online CAD system that is like Google docs for CAD where you can quickly share files and put together assemblies as a team, which is great for FRC robotics. Complete the following tutorials - you will make an education student account in Onshape and follow the videos to complete the same activities. You will end up with a set of parts and assemblies in your account. Once you get through the basics, you will be prompted to share some of your work which hopefully will lead to you being added to our team account.

Getting Started with Onshape: FRC -

FRC Drivetrain Frame -

Gussets, Bellypans, Bearing Holes -


How to Build Everything Fast

3D Printing: post about proper scale for parts made in Inventor

This is an important video about Design Optimization that will be valuable for our team.


Sheet Metal Tutorial

WildStang Cable Magic 3D printed part