Team Manual

Engineering Best Practices

Engineering Design Process in Competition Robotics.pdf

FIRST Robotics Specialty Tiers


1 Made and deployed basic program to a robot.

2 Make changes to pre-existing code, test on robot

3 Design, test original code that performs a function

4 Implement original code (multiple classes) on a robot

5 Design, implement competition robot code (multiple classes)


1 Make basic parts (solid and sheet metal) and save on GrabCAD

2 Original design for actual project printed with 3D printer or CNC Router

3 Original assembly for an actual project

4 Manufactured parts for competition


1 Have electronics guide in project notebook, ability to solder

2 Build an electronics board

3 Program firmware for speed controllers

4 Design electronics placement

5 Implement competition electronics placement


1 Have 2015 Pneumatics Guide in notebook, identify all parts of pneumatics circuit

2 Build a basic pneumatics circuit, troubleshoot

3 Implement a pneumatic mechanical system with design calculations

4 Complete pneumatic system used on a functioning robot

5 Working pneumatic system on competition robot

Drive Train

1 Make gear ratio / transmission decisions for a drive train design

2 Rebuild transmissions, Put together frame

3 Design drive train

4 Implement drive train

5 Competition robot design train


1 Allowable motor list in notebook, design mechanical solution

2 Implement mechanical solution

3 Integrated mech solution on robot

4 Tested, verified mech solution on a robot

5 Mech solution on competition robot


1 Create project wikipage

2 Organize a multipage web product, incorporate original graphics

3 Include dynamic elements (forms, applets, etc)

4 Create an original web-page for public viewing that includes dynamic elements

5 Combined web pages for outreach and competition robot submitted for award


1 Video layout; still images uploaded in smaller form to Flickr or equivalent

2 Video produced; Still images edited for flyers/posters/banners

3 Produced video submitted on behalf of team to YouTube, created flyer/banner for team

4 Design a pit display, produce multiple videos used by team

5 Pit display design implemented

Systems Engineering

1 Create a set of requirements for an IPT

2 Create a project GANTT chart

3 Implement an IPT driven design

4 Implement an IPT driven test schedule

5 Complete a competition cycle (with driver/pit plans)


1. Using Tig Welder Basics, Clean/Prep Aluminum

2. Weld Puddles, Weld Beads

3. Parallel Welds + competition parts

4. T Welds, Outside corner welds + competition parts

For information on welding to help you get started go here (this is an informative playlist about TIG welding), if you would rather read about the basics of TIG welding follow this link.

Basic TIG Techniques


Level One Training Requirements


  • Safety Test
  • Tool ID
  • Build exercise
  • Drill test
  • Dremel test
  • Tapping
  • Measurement
  • Hand sanding


  • Build project 2 (Read plans, make something)
  • Band Saw
  • Sander
  • Miter saw



  • Build a basic FLL robot
  • Use dead reckoning to complete a mission
  • Use gyro to make the robot turn a specific angle
  • Use gyro to drive straight
  • Make a line follower


  • previously on a FLL team + review the new rubric
  • OR pass the rubric test


  • Identify all pneumatic circuits
  • Build a pneumatic circuit
  • Trouble shoot a leaking circuit
  • Make brass fittings
  • Solenoid electronics – connect to a working electronics board with program to test a cylinder in a P-circuit


  • Identify all FIRST electronic components
  • Make 2 TMP36’s (soldering + heat shrink)
  • Make a FIRST cable
  • Document state of robot batteries
  • Wire management project – put 6 TMP36’s + Arduino in a box wire managed with zipties


  • Create a GitHub account. Push and Pull files.
  • Add a button to control lights using a Spike relay (verify on robot)
  • Add a button to engage a solenoid through the PCM (verify on robot)
  • Add joystick motor control with throttle (verify on robot)


  • Create isometric drawing: object à isometric drawing
  • Create a basic part: isometric drawing à AutoCAD part
  • Create part of an assembly: isometric drawing à AutoCAD part
  • Put part on GrabCAD, Get parts on GrabCAD
  • Make assembly


  • Social Media Post
  • Writing
  • Graphic Art
  • Video Project