2017-2018 Support

CHS Alumni Association


With the support of the CHS Alumni Association, students from Columbus High School have been able to reach new heights in 2017-2018. The accomplishments shown here took place during 2017-2018 with help from our Alumni! Support was aimed at the FRC Robotics team and also at Science experiences like DREAMS that can only take place with outside support.

The teams from 2017 and 2018 had over 30 CHS students which is a record in the 10 year existence of the competitive robotics team.

The 14th CHS student and alumni of the Columbus Space Program was accepted to MIT. Several students were accepted to Georgia Tech, and other great schools.

In 2017, the FRC team became the 1st Georgia team to ever make it to the final match of the World Championships! The team was one win away from being World Champions.

In 2018, the FRC team ranked higher than ever before after qualification matches at the World Championship and made it to the Semifinals of the Roebling field.

The DREAMS program has launched its 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th missions to the edge of space including two launched at the same time in Kentucky to capture the August 2017 eclipse from 100,000 feet high. Video of Eclipse Launch (click here).


Support from the CHS Alumni Association has allowed our team to expand to 38 students. The team won its first State Championship with a Chairman's Award which is the highest award in FIRST Robotics for greatest impact on the community in STEM education. The 2019 team earned its 5th invitation in a row to attend the World Championships where the team earned 4th place in Safety in the World.

Four of the 12 seniors went on to start their studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The DREAMS program has launched its 29th and 30th missions to the edge of space which carried experiments and research of elementary and middle school students from across the country. These two missions expanded the Astrobiology research that is in collaboration with researchers at NASA Ames Research Center. Video compilation from DREAMS-30 (click here)