2021-2022 Mentors

Brandon King - Pratt & Whitney

Eliyah Khandaker - Pratt & Whitney

Darrell Guersey - Kodak

Michael Brooks - Oneda

David Rush

Laura Richardson

Luther Richardson - Head Coach, CHS

Ken Bentley - CHS

Cora Suggs - Hardaway HS

The calendar below shows our Build and Competition seasons. Mentors are MOST needed in the Design and Build phases in Week 1-Week4 (shown in grey and times in blue bold). Specifically, Thu/Fri afternoons and Saturdays are our big work days. Mentors will have opportunities to train with the team in the Fall as much as they desire. That schedule is posted on our calendar link.


Follow the link above to complete the information on the Google form and our head coach will contact you.

FIRST Mentoring Guide