Edge of Space FLL Experiments

The theme for the 2018 FLL game is "Into Orbit." Wouldn't it be great if FLL teams could get their own dedicated data from a space environment? Look no further! The sign up link is below so read on.

The Columbus Space Program (FRC4188) has the capability to send small payloads to the edge of space into the middle Stratosphere over 100,000 feet high. Team members are preparing a set of sensor payloads that FLL teams could analyze to answer their own research questions for the project portion of the FLL competition. The 29th mission of the DREAMS program is set to fly to ov

Watch our video describing the launch and potential payloads:

Does your FLL team want to reach for the stars? If you would like more information and potentially join our experiment team, complete the web-form below and one of our team members will send you a packet of information and offer to be an adviser for your team as you consider doing research with DREAMS data from the edge of space.