Columbus is growing in FTC! CSP will be hosting FTC matches in Columbus in Virtual competitions starting in late October with possible in person competitions by December/January.

CSP will also be offering mentoring to FTC teams on-site at our Headquarters and pre-arranged site visits. The current list of teams is:

  • Team ToBeNamed, FTC16585

  • Team Ecliptic, FTC16934

  • St. Luke, FTC Rookies - Welcome aboard!

Team will be made up of 7-12 grade students. Students who are already in grades 9-12 can use FTC as the "tryout" for CSP FRC4188. Middle school students are in the pipeline and hopefully on track to join an FRC team when they are in high school.


FTC Team 16585: Owen, McKay, Jonathan, Yuchan, Fred, Andy, Lenn, Raymond, Justin, Daniel

FTC Team 16934: Crisely, Julie, Irene, Britney, Jennifer, Arha, Josie

New team members will be sent email instructions for the required parent Zoom call, Safety training, FTC Kickoff, and other information about the season by 7pm Thursday.


Video of Ri3D for last years FTC game

FTC Tutorials by Swerve Robotics

FTC Tech Talk