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Photos of Bitcoin supporters and Digital images of server farms various countries around the world with interior views of data centers of Google, NSA, Bitcoin Credit Cards and card scanners. Images of Bitcoin Paper Wallet Notes.

$10 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars fits on a USB Drive

Advania Thor Data Center Iceland

Bitcoin Signage displayed in retail outlets

Google Server Farm Guarded by Star Wars Storm Trooper

Bitmain Bitcoin Mining operation to verify transfers

Bitmain China is the worlds largest known Bitcoin miner

Litecoin Mining in Ordos Inner Mongolia (2nd Largest)

Assemble the Mining Hardware Servers at Ordos

Bitfurys Mining Farm in Keflavik Iceland for cheap power

Google server farm in Douglas County Iowa

Server Farm Racks Storing Your "Cloud" documents

Google Server Farm in Council Bluffs Iowa

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Belief in Bitcoin

Paper Wallet Notes