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CoinSafe is a Secure Vault to store the location of your Digital Coins. It is a work in progress.

You used tax-paid fiat currency to buy your digital crypto coins and you may have "PARKED" your coins in an online wallet , mobile phone app, paper wallet or the coin exchange where you bought and store your purchases, but you could be the only person that knows those coins exist.

When you die or have trouble remembering where you keep your crypto currency, Coinsafe is a valuable location to pass on to your next of kin, executor, lawyer or mention in your will.

It is assumed your coins are safe until the your coin exchange was hacked. (see below) Your Wallet ID, login and passwords can be lost, stolen, destroyed or dropped in a toilet with your phone and may never be recovered. That loss means your coins are lost.

CoinSafe is NOT the place to physically store your digital coins, which would incur liability, but the place to tell your heirs, executors or yourself, where you stored your digital coins. The person who finds your public and private digital keys and knows how to cash them in, will now own your coins. There are many reasons to forget where you parked your coins just as you could lose your car keys and bank account that you set up as a teenager.

CoinSafe is where you retrieve the location of your crypto coins and who you designate to tell if we do not hear from you. We never keep your User ID and digital coins at Coinsafe, as that would leave us vulnerable to attack, so your name and contact info are stored offline. We are NOT an instant recovery service. We will ask you for facial recognition verification and backup email, phone numbers and more than "What your Mother's Maiden Name". We want to know who your friends are, relatives and next of kin is, so we can contact them if we don't hear from you. Even if it is your spouse who divorced you or your kids that don't speak to you any longer. We didn't say it was going to be fast, but it will be thorough.

Where you stored your coins may not be important when you paid $0.0000469 but you may rethink things if it hits $280,000. per coin as those with a crystal ball believe.

When we have completed developing our process, we will let you know. - Doug

Transparency Report & Warrant Canary .... CoinSafe may require serious thought with this. =

Recent Coin Theft

Mt Gox - 28 February 2014 filed for bankruptcy when it lost almost 750,000 of its customers' bitcoins

Bitstamp - January 2015 after a hack during which 19,000 (+/-) bitcoins were stolen

Bitfinex - May 2015, 1500 bitcoins were stolen during a hack

2016 Bangladesh Bank Cyber Heist - $81 Million ( )

Tether - November 21, 2017 claims they were hacked, losing $31 million in Bitcoin

NiceHash Mining - December 6, 2017 $60 million worth of bitcoin was stolen after a cyber attack

2018 Jan - Coincheck lost $530 Mil of NEM crypto

2018 Dec - Youbit (Yapian ) lost 17% of its assets and filed for Bankruptcy

2019 Jan - Cryptopia lost $16 Million

2019 March - CoinBene and DragonEx lost a combined $46 million in Singapore

2019 March - Bithumb lost $19 Million ( )

Complete List of Bitcoin Heists -

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Have you transferred Bitcoin to an "Invalid Address"? Sent Bitcoin Cash to a Bitcoin Gold wallet account? Have you lost or forgotten your password or found your Private Keys do NOT work? Is your phone lost, stolen or wet beyond repair?

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===== Need a Crypto-Hypnotist? ====

Cost = 1 bitcoin **$1500 + 5% of the recovered amount (Is this a Joke?)