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Digital Crypto Currency is volatile and highly speculative.

2011 - If you invested $1,000 in Bitcoin on 1st January 2011, you would now have made $11,165,667 in profit.

Currencies like Bitcoin are resistant to inflation, real estate bubbles, and stock market crises.

Bitcoin is attractive because it is the largest currency, anonymous & has no government involvement

Buying Bitcoin gives you an encyrpted code to send to send to someone

Bitcoin Miners verify your transaction and receive a small fraction for auditing

Bitcoin purchases are stored in a crypto currency wallet stored online & verified by miners

There are Bitcoin ATM's to convert your Bitcoin to US Dollars or https://changelly.com/

Of Top Seven Global Bitcoin Exchanges they show 7 different Bitcoin Prices

There are 1324 Crypto Currency Coins valued at USD$420,515,051,118. (coinmarketcap.com)

Mining uses specialized software to find & analysis Bitcoin finalized transactions & verify for a commission.

Backup your Bitcoins with an online & Offline"Digital Wallet" offline wallet for added security

There are 25 new bitcoins produced by mining every 10 minutes

Bitcoin Miners can earn USD$7 Million per day by verifying / auditing transactions

There are roughly 16.5 Million Bitcoins in existence valued at USD$66 billion https://goo.gl/iWb1uD

Bitcoin was valued in 2010 at $0.003 and today at over $4000 + or -

Bitcoin in 2040 will only allow 21 Million Bitcoins and could exceed USD$50,000 per coin

Bitcoin can be / is divided into up to 8 decimal places. So the smallest amount of bitcoin one can possess, a 'satoshi' would be 0.00000001 BTC. CoinXca.com

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The Buy - Sell Process Buying a Bitcoin creates an entry in a public blockchain ledger where the transaction is verified by computer "miners" who find, validate & verify that the transfer of one Bitcoin in and one Bitcoin out. The Miner can work alone, in a Mining Pool with other team-mates or with infinite mining hardware and software server farms who work day and night finding transactions. For their efforts, these miners are paid a small transaction percent for each transaction they verify. Process enough transactions and the miner could earn USD $7,000,000.00 per day x 7 days per week x 52 weeks per year and you have USD $2,548,000,000 ($2 Billion, 548 Million) and the reason the server farms are so large. (see Photos Tab)

As Crypto Currencies become more popular, the mining potential increases and new miners are entering the industry daily. Even as the number of transactions increases, the actual value of each Bitcoin rises and miners become richer by number of transactions and the value of each coin. Bitcoin is the largest of 1172 different crypto-currencies https://goo.gl/AmgICC and mining takes place with each currency. Cryptocurrencies are becoming very popular and have a very large market potential.

History of Bitcoin ( https://goo.gl/rFdBgd )

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency first introduced in 2008, when a Japanese man, ‘Satoshi Nakamoto‘ published a paper called "Bitcoin: a peer to peer electronic cash system". Nakamoto is estimated to have mined 1 million bitcoins himself. On 6 August 2010, Transactions weren't properly verified in the transaction log or blockchain, which let users bypass bitcoin's economic restrictions and create an indefinite number of bitcoins.

Value of One Full Bitcoin

2008 Bitcoin first introduced

Apr 2010 $0.003 valued

Feb 2011 $1.44 parity with US dollar

Dec 2011 $2.00

Dec 2012 $13.00

April 2013 $266 grows by 5-10% daily.

Nov 2013 $350

Dec 2013 $600

Jan 2014 $750

Jan 2017 $800

Mar 2017 $1,290

Jun 2017 $2,000

Aug 2017 $3,800

Sep 2017 $5,000

Nov 2017 $7,475

Dec 2017 $19,178. = https://goo.gl/rFdBgd

Feb 5 2018 $6,200

May 1 2018 $8,900

Dec 28 2018 $ 3,948.

==== 2019 ====

Mar 13 - $3971.

Jun 30 - $10,953.