Behse Carl von

Karl Kasper Theodor Behse was born in Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Raised to the Peerage he took the name Carl von Behse. After studying for the priesthood his main jobs where with the St Anne church in St Petersburg, The Artillery and Sea Cadet school and as a Priest in St Petri school.

Carl von Behse, 1800-1853 was born in Franzburg, Vorpommerania, he studied in Dorpat, Estonia. Having graduated he moved to St. Petersburg. He never lived in Finland but his two children out of 13 immigrated to Finland in the beginning of 1850-ies. His son Peter von Behse settled down in the Helsinki region, his final home was the villa in Kaivopuisto/Brunnsparken down town in the southern most part of Helsinki where most of the Embassies are situated. After Peter von Behse´s death the estate was sold and on this address is now the Estonian Embassy. The daughter Sophie von Behse moved on to the eastern part of Uusimaa east of Helsinki having bought the manor "Kulla Gård" east of the town Lovisa.

We try to describe his three jobs in St Petersburg.

He worked in

St Anne church

St Petri school

Smolna -institute

We have been told that he also was a religion teacher in the Sea Cadet and Artillery school of St Petersburg but no evidence has been found so far.