Week 7

Parents and Athletes

Thanks to the parents and athletes whom have helped this weekend. Fun day of games! 4 teams played over the weekend! SCHEDULE ALERT- We are helping the boys JV team coaches and switching early days. This will be helpful for the JV girls league night and early morning Friday. No JV weights this week. Varsity will still do weights on Tuesday - Thursday.

July 4 week update - No Practice July 4th and 5th. We do have Leagues that week! Tuesday @ SB League ===== Tuesday Varsity B @AG/JV Thursday league that week.

Please check the schedules below.

Tuesday SB League Roster - 1. HB, 2. Abby B. 3. Herms 4. Sandberg 5. Vitt 6. Ayers 7. Blum 9. Hazel 10. Stip 11. Anna K. 12. Osborne 13.

Varsity AG League Roster - 1. Kaia 2. Nia 3. Sienna 4. Victoria 5. Kat 6. Bella W. 7. Kolby 8. Oliva A 9. Goen 10. Bella S. 11. Kasper M. 12. Herms

Junior Olympics Information --- I have updated the rosters for the Junior Olympics Tournament in July! Please look below. The San Jose Hotel people got back to me and we have 10 rooms blocked at the Double Tree in San Jose. They are releasing the other clubs rooms and we should be able to get another couple blocks this week. If you want to go with your own option go for it. I would make sure you have a room by the end of the week. We need 30 rooms so we have to split up hotels. . The tournament is in the San Jose Area pools. Here is the Junior Olympics Website if you want to check it out. Game start on Thursday morning so please arrive at on Wednesday to make sure the girls are rested and ready to play on Thursday. We will play 2 to 3 games a day for the 4 days.

1st Block at the Double Tree in San Jose 189.00. We have 10 rooms avail. --- Link to get in and access code.


Access code: arroyo2018


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AG WATER POLO - text #81010 with the message @agwpgwp

AG Varsity - text #81010 with the message @e267k

AG JV text #81010 with the message @summerjva

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