Girls Summer Polo

Girls Summer Polo 

What is the Summer Polo? - Summer polo is a training program for the fall high school season. For the advanced and returning players, this summer season is designed to advance players' training and games. For the new and beginning player, you can learn the game to be ready for the upcoming fall high school season. No experience is necessary, and our coaching staff is used to teaching athletes from beginning to returning. Varsity Training Group (Selected by Coaches) & Junior Varsity Training Group. Incoming 9 Grades and Incoming 8th Grades are strongly encouraged to be with the high school groups.  ---- Tournaments will be played by Age Group. (Groups by Age 18u/16u/14u - Age as of Aug 1) 

Dates: May 8 - July 23th. 

Summer Club Polo Groups-  - Tournaments will be played by Age Group. (Groups by Age 18u/16u/14u - Age as of Aug 1, 2021). 

Cost: $575.00  + $250 for JO's if your going-- Payment is done through Paypal System. Can be broken into 3 payments. May, June, July -

Questions Call: Coach Allen  (805) 704-9907 EMAIL:

Tournament and Events. Dates TBA -- Master Practice Calendar Link

18u / 16u Group

Junior Varsity Group 

Practice Schedule

No experience necessary: We will teach you everything you need to play. Basic swimming skills are required. 

Ages: 8th Grade - 12th Grade Athletes

Questions Call: 8057049907 or email:

2 Week Trial Memberships - 1st-time athletes only. Allows athletes a chance to try water polo for 2 weeks. Register below and complete a trial membership for USWP. Bring receipt of a trial membership to participate in practice. 

New to Polo - New to Polo? - What to wear? ECT -- LINK

More Info: 

Varsity Group - The varsity group is comprised of 18 - 20 players.  I will tell everyone where they are at in the group at the end of week one, especially tell them if we had to cut to 14 (our fall #) where they would be on the list. The reason we do so early this way is to allow the athletes to make a decision if they want to challenge for a spot over the summer. Seniors should make varsity. Depending on #s and athletes will depend on athletes playing  JV again.  

The Summer Varsity training group is expected for varsity athletes, the expectation extends to all the events and dates.  

JV Group - The JV group is the returning JV athletes and incoming new athletes. This group is designed to get the new athletes ready to play and progress the returning athletes for the summer ahead.  The best way to have a successful career is to attend all events. We get that the JV group has some other prior summer events. As athletes progress through the program we want them to attend everything:). 

What's Junior Olympics - USA Water Polo hosts the world's largest water polo event. This year it's at San Jose Area pools July 21 - 25th. This is our major event for the summer. This is what we are working to do/qualify for in the summer. We will attempt to qualify for the 18s, 16, 14, and 12s this summer. The Junior Olympic Qualifier is on June 24th - 26th at Merced.

Vacation - Please plan on using the July 25th - August 8th for All Vacations. 

How to Sign Up

2. Register For USWP

 (Trial Membership, Silver (Non Jo's), Gold if going to Junior Olympics. 


Summer Dates Sign Up Doc. 

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Practice Schedules