New to Water Polo

Arroyo Grande Water Polo Club offers programs for all experience levels and for players ages 10 and up. The goal of our program is to provide players with the knowledge and skills required to progress in the sport of water polo for recreational or competitive purposes.

Depending on the students age or ability level we divide the groups up. The high school Varsity and JV practice groups our the highest level usually consisting of 9th - 12th graders. The youth athletes 8th - 3rd Graders should be in the youth polo system. Girls High School ------ Boys

What should I bring? - Girls Swim Suit - The official water polo suit is a one piece suit with a zipper in the back. Any one piece suit will work to get you started. Swim caps are necessary. We sell them for 5 bucks. The girls each season will receive a blue and white cap for games as part of the session fees. Team Suits are available.

Boys - The official water polo suit is a speedo. Jammers are fine but to get started but the speedo is best. Don't worry it wont take long to get your boy into a speedo.

Goggles - Goggles are helpful for swimming portions of practice. They will take them off for the polo sessions.

Just want to try? We do a 14 day Trial Membership 2 Things ---- 1. Register for 2. Complete the online USA Water Polo Trial Membership -- Bring with you a print out of the confirmation. After the 14 days we ask the students commit to the session with both AG Membership and USA Water Polo Membership.

Eggbeater --- Have you son or daughter make sure they watch the eggbeater video before you come.