Update 1

We are getting close to starting up polo:). Wanted to give everyone a heads up email. The season will start on May 14th through JO's late July. Essentially the summer is 10 weeks long and super important to get everyone prepared for the Fall High School Season Ahead. I have broke the groups down to 2 groups of athletes. Varsity training group and JV training group rosters are below.

Below is some information on the summer, 1st two weeks of practice upcoming summer. Full Summer Flyer - Link

Varsity Group - The varsity group is comprised of 22 athletes who are challenging for 18 ish spots for the summer. I will tell everyone where they are at in the group at the end of the week, especially tell them if we had to cut to 14 (our fall #) where they would be on the list. The reason we do so early it this way is to allow the athletes to make a decision if they want to challenge it out over the summer. Junior and Seniors should make varsity.Depending on #s and athletes will depend on playing JV again.

The Summer Varsity training group is expected for varsity athletes, the expectation extends to all the events and dates.

JV Group - The JV group is the returning JV athletes and incoming new athletes. This group is designed to get the new athletes ready to play and progress the returning athletes for the summer ahead. The best way to have a successful career is to attend all events. We get that the JV group has some other prior summer events. As athletes progress through the program we want them to attend everything:).

Whats Junior Olympics - USA Water Polo host the worlds largest water polo event. This year its at San Jose July 26 - 30th. This is our major event for the summer. This what we are working to do / qualify for in the summer. We will attempt to qualify at the 18s, 16s, and 14s this summer. The 14s will qualify on June 1-3, the 16s and 18s will qualify on June 22-23 at Ventura Oxnard Area. The rosters listed below for 18s/16s will get set over the 1st 2 weeks of summer. If your athlete is attending JO's we ask an additional fee of 100.00 to help cover the costs of the event. This will include JO's gear. The Junior Olympic tournament cost the club 800 for quals and 1000 for the actual JO's.

Costs for summer Club? $400 for the summer. This includes tournament fees, coaches costs, equipment. +100.00 if your going to JO's. All athletes need uswp insurance to play. Can be broken into 3 payments. --- PAYMENT PAGE LINK (Finacial aid is avail. Please contact Coach Allen) We don't want the cost to be a barrier for entry.

How to Register?

      1. Fill out google form below. -- Google Form LINK . --- New Members Only.
      2. Register or Renew- USA Water Polo - Silver Level Membership or Gold if doing JO's Membership. www.usawaterpolo.com

Athletes Tournament Dates Sign up - Athletes please use the sign up page to sign up for the events you are attending. I will use this for rosters at events. ---- LINK

Team Gear -On the Athlete sign up page the girls have the ability to pick the size for a team shirt for the summer. I have also started a gear pack for the athletes if they would like any additional gear. Gear Link -

Practice Times and Dates are also below for the 1st couple weeks. Varsity groups will be giving the fall season practice pattern a try for the 1st 2 weeks. The plan is to go by week for the practice times switching every week.

Full Summer Plan of Dates and Events -- LINK

Yearly Plan ---- Link

Practice Rosters
HS Summer Calendar
HS Girls JO's