A Broadway Musical Revue

Ashland High School Theatrical Society

2010 Spring Fundraiser

A Broadway Musical Revue

A Benefit to Support AHSTS

May 15th and May 16th

Production Staff

Staging and Musical Direction: Regan Byrne and Kim Whiteley

Mindess Treblemakers Musical Director: Lori Osowski

AHSTS and Musical Revue Faculty Advisor: David Harrington

Solo Staging Assistance: Dee Hatch

Scenic, Lighting, Sound Design and Technical Direction: David Harrington

Stage Manager: Ryan Boettcher

Publicity Coordinator: Will Broughton

Publicity Assistants: Anthony Natoli, Christina Sacchi

Concessions: Katie Jost, Rowen Flynn

Costume Managers: Brian Didio, Rogin Farrer, Melody Gundel, Olivia Hardy

Spotlight Operator: Mary-Kate Maloof

Assistant Stage Managers: Emily Hatch, Olivia Caputo

Sound Board: Geoffrey McGrattan

Sound Advisor: Stacey Knowlton

Student Technical Directors: Jesse McNeil, John McNeil

Poster Design: William Annand

Program Editor: Skylar Hamblen

Scenic Artist: Mary-Kate Maloof

Management Assistants: Paloma de Oliveira, Julie Grassey, Evyn Whiteley


Piano Accompanist: Michele Kelly

Percussion: Tim Merle

Bass: Jordan Vidamo

Violin: Tom Lazinski

Guitar: Jake Tosti

AHSTS Ensemble Members

William Annand, Arianna McConnell, Will Broughton, Olivia Caputo, Paloma de Oliveira, Brian Didio, Rogin Farrer, Rowen Flynn, Nisreen Galloway, Julie Grassey, Melody Gundel, Skylar Hamblen, Olivia Hardy, Emily Hatch, Katie Jost, Stacey Knowlton, Jesse McNeil, Morgan Mott, Anthony Natoli, Justin Reddington, Christina Sacchi, Evyn Whiteley, Chloe Wilson

Mindess Treblemakers

Cara Ackerman, Sharon Arokiaraja, Caitlyn Baccari, Ellen Brodsky, Kaitlyn Carson, Danielle Carson, Paulina Chumakov, Hannah Dagg, Julia Doucette, Lauren Dummer, Emily Finnegan, Alison Flaherty, Ronnie Halperin, Olivia Hess, Shelby Hinchy, Caitlin Keaveny, Anusha Kulkari, Lauren Lander, Maddie Maguire, Kristen Mahoney, Joy Maswoswe, Katrina Moulton, Isha Parnisis, Amanda Rosadio, Katherine Scherer, Marlee Schulman, Olivia Sewell, Carolyn Sistrand, Sandra Soliman, Maddie Temple, Katherine Twomey