A Flea in Her Ear

Ashland High School Theatrical Society

2010 Fall Production

A Flea in Her Ear

A new version of Georges Feydeau's farce

by David Ives 

Directed by David E. Harrington

Production Staff

Assistant Director: Gina Colella

Scenic, Lighting, Sound Design and Technical Direction: David E. Harrington

Stage Manager: Olivia Hardy

Student Assistant Director: Jamie Rich

Deputy Stage Manager: Will Broughton

Assistant Stage Manager Properties: Elysa Goldstein

Student Technical Director: Will Broughton

Light Board: Geoffrey McGratten

Sound Board: Alana Broughton

House Manager: Ryan Walsh

Scenic and Technical Crew: Michelle Rose, Andrew Abraham, Paloma de Oliveira, Ali Hathaway, Austin Dubois, Jez Insalaco, Dominic Fernie, Ethan LaFontaine, Cory Lowell, Christian Roman, Joshua Kane, Jamal Hudson, Jonathan Hitt

House Crew: Evyn Whiteley, Skylar Hamblen, Austin Dubois, Jumai Yusuf, Julie Grassey, Paloma de Oliveira, Brittany Aldoupolis, Jonathan Hitt, Jez Insalaco, Ethan LaFontaine, Dominic Fernie, Mike Forcier, Alicia Bylsma, Paul Suriyamongkol


Etienne - Shawn Hannah

Antoinette - Mary-Kate Maloof

Camille - Jesse McNeil

Dr. Finache - Katie Jost

Lucienne Homenides de Histangua - Olivia Caputo

Raymonde Chandebise - Emily Hatch

Victor Emmanuel Chandebise - Rogin Farrer

Romain Tournel - John McNeil

Don Carlos Homenides de Histangua - Tim Abraham

Feraillon - Brian Didio

Eugenie - Brittany Messuri

Olympia - Stacey Knowlton

Rugby - Miles Garnett

Baptiste - Krystyana Greaves

Poche - Rogin Farrer