Ashland High School Theatrical Society Presents

2021 Winter Production

Radio Plays from the Vintage Radio Show


Tales of Fear and Trembling

Supervising Director: David E. Harrington

Production Staff

Design and Technical Direction, Film Editor: David E. Harrington

Stage Manager: Aidan Bayliss

Deputy Stage Manager: Abigail Gordon

Art Design: Eesha Gorantla

Ghost Hunt

adapted by Walter Newman

from an original story by Herbert Russell Wakefield

Production Staff

Director: Zack Petersen

Sound Design and Editing: Samantha Pardi


(In order of appearance)

Narrator: Maya Dickinson

Smily: Jacob Butkus

McDonald: Amelia Uglialoro

Thorpe: Neirmen Eldam

Reed: Johany Jeune

Nurse: Maya Dickinson

Three Skeleton Key

adapted by James Poe

from an original story by George Toudouze

Production Staff

Director: Samuel Oriol

Sound: Daenerys Fragopoulos, Abigail Gordon, Relay Woo

Additional Sound Editing: David E. Harrington


(In order of appearance)

Narrator: Matthew Ducharme

Announcer: Maya Dickinson

Jean: Brady McGuire

Louis: Brandon Kohn

Auguste: Andrew Slowman

On a Country Road

by Walter Bazarr

Production Staff

Director: Emma Pawl

Sound Design: Lily Mihnos

Sound Editing: Anakin Sullivan and David E. Harrington


(In order of appearance)

Voice: Kaylie Eng

Narrator (Robson): Amelia Uglialoro

David: Zachary Dickinson

Dorothy: Annalyn Blanchard

Newscaster: Kaylie Eng

Woman: Anakin Sullivan

Officer: Matthew Ducharme

The House in Cypress Canyon

by Robert L. Richards

Production Staff

Director: Brandon Kohn

Sound Design and Editing: Brady McGuire


(In order of appearance)

Announcer: Kaylie Eng

Sam: Andrew Slowman

Jerry: Johany Jeune

Jim: Matthew Ducharme

Ellen: Anakin Sullivan

Agent: Annalyn Blanchard

1st Officer: Brady McGuire

2nd Officer: Zachary Dickinson

Zero Hour

by Ray Bradbury

Production Staff

Director: Derek Wang

Sound Design: Kayla Wilen

Sound Editing: David E. Harrington


(In order of appearance)

Announcer: Annalyn Blanchard

Mink: Maya Dickinson

Anna: Kaylie Eng

Mary Morris: Emma Pawl

Henry Morris: Jacob Butkus

Helen: Neirmen Eldam

Telephone Operator: Amelia Uglialoro