The Secret in the Wings

Ashland High School Theatrical Society

2011 Fall Production

The Secret in the Wings

by Mary Zimmerman

Directed by David E. Harrington

Production Staff

Scenic, Lighting, Sound Design and Technical Direction: David E. Harrington

Choreographer: Cristina Sacchi

Stage Manager: Matthew Henderson

Assistant Director: Shawn Hannah

Costume Design: Jez Insalaco

Prop Design: Keith Zontini

Deputy Stage Managers: Jez Insalaco, Keith Zontini

Original Instrument Orchestration and Music Compositon: Ethan LaFontaine

Music Composer-"Snake Song": Jadon Austin

Technical and Creative Assistant: Toyin Yusuf

House Manager: Connor Donovan

House Crew: Ryan Walsh, Victoria Wilder, Tricia Bishop, Taylor Carson, Alicia Bylsma, Justin Reddington, Brittany Messuri


Stephanie Fedorchak, Miles Garnett, Olivia Hardy, Michael Lifshits, Ethan LaFontaine, Zion Austin, Jadon Austin, Krystyana Greaves, Katie Jost, Paloma de Oliveira, Rachel Hopmayer, James Miller, Geoffrey McGratten, Emily Dunn, Charles Burke, Carly Palmieri, Hayley Quinn, Jumai Yusuf, Stacey Knowlton, Brittany Krasner