Auditions and Casting

Common Questions About AHSTS Auditions and Casting

Do I have to have acting experience to be cast?

Students will not be excluded from being cast simply because they are inexperienced. Everyone can act, and does so every single day.

Do I have to be in a drama class to audition? Can I audition if I am a freshman?

All students are welcome to audition. What grade a student is in is not considered.

I would rather work as a crew member; what do I do?

See Mr. Harrington and we will find a position for you!

What will I have to do at the audition?

The audition requirements for each AHSTS production are unique to each production. Once the director decides the guidelines, you can visit the show's webpage to learn more.

Does everyone get a part?

No. Some programs try to remove the traumas from auditions by casting everyone. In theory, this makes the program open to everyone and is thought to remove the more vicious, competitive aspects of the dramatic process. However, in practice, it makes the program seem of no value to students. If anyone can get in without any effort, students will not value the program at all. 

Casts are decided on who is needed. AHSTS casts as many as it can, given the context of the show. But the purpose of the production is a good show. AHSTS does good shows because of high standards, beginning to end.

What if I don't get a part? Can I still be part of AHSTS?

First, don't give up. Keep on auditioning. Keep on trying. As for still being part of AHSTS, the answer is yes. There are sometimes crew positions still open. Working on crew is an excellent way for students to be part of AHSTS. Crew members are part of the AHSTS community. Every person is key to the success of a production. Working on crew also provides students the opportunity to build a positive reputation for themselves.

If I get a part, what kind of time requirement should I expect?

Any student who volunteers to take part in our productions as an actor or crew member is making a serious personal commitment. They will find this commitment restricts their ability to take part in other activities. This is especially true for sports. However, quite a few crew positions allow a great deal of flexibility. This allows students to take part in sports or other activities. The AHSTS Production Commitment can be found in the AHSTS Handbook section of this website. The calendar on this website has an updated schedule for upcoming productions.