Academic Eligibility

  • Officers must attain a passing grade in five major subjects by the closing of each marking period to participate as an officer. A major subject is defined as a class that meets five times within a rotation.

  • Any student receiving services under an IEP may be declared academically eligible by the Principal provided that all other eligibility policies are met, and the student is passing four subjects.

  • Any student passing four major subjects but not five may be declared academically eligible by the Principal provided that they enter into an academic/behavioral contract.

  • In the case of an elected officer becoming ineligible, the officer will be removed from office.

AHSTS Officer Responsibilities and Duties

Any Officer that loses their membership or fails to fulfill their responsibilities and duties as an officer as detailed below is subject to removal at the discretion of the Review Board.


To maintain a positive reputation of AHSTS, officers must conduct themselves professionally, both in and out of school.


  • All officers are expected to be at all officer meetings and events; including productions, banquet and recruiting events.

    • If an officer has a conflict, the student should notify the advisor beforehand. Their absence may be excused, at the advisor’s discretion.

    • If an officer arrives ten or more minutes after the event or meeting has begun, the student will be considered absent without an excuse.

    • After the first unexcused absence the officer will be put on probation and will receive a letter of warning from the advisor.

    • After a second unexcused absence the officer is subject to removal at the discretion of the Review Board.

Officer Meetings

  • Officer meetings and voting can begin once the advisor and a quorum is present, but not before the scheduled time. A quorum will be considered 1/2 of the officer body.

  • The Secretary or a designee will take minutes.

  • All expenditures and motions must be approved by the advisor and a majority of the officers.

Officer Elects

  • Elected AHSTS Officers are called “Elect” after their title.

  • Each Officer Elect serves from their day of election as an 'Officer Elect' until their Term of Office starts.

  • Upon request by the advisor, Officer Elects will work with the current holder of their elected office to receive training.

  • Officer Elects will attend Officer Meetings if requested by the Advisor.

  • Officer Elects will help in the organizing and running of the banquet.



  • Ensures other officers fulfill responsibilities.

  • Set up and run all officer meetings in coordination with the advisor.

  • Take a leadership role in planning all AHSTS activities.

  • Check-in on a regular basis with the advisor.

Vice President

  • Assume the role of the president if the president is unavailable or unable to serve.

  • Take a leadership role in planning all activities.

  • Work directly with other officers to ensure that they are meeting their responsibilities.

Technical Director

  • Completely responsible for maintaining theater and equipment.

  • Works with Adult TD on productions.

  • Completely responsible for maintaining costume/prop storage area and dressing rooms.


  • Responsible for taking minutes at meetings.

  • Responsible for arranging and writing 'Thank You' Gifts and Cards for all adults involved in productions and subscribers.


  • The treasurer will check the accuracy of beginning and end of year statements generated by the financial advisor of student activities.

  • The treasurer is responsible for counting and recording all money received.

  • The treasurer will accurately complete request forms for checks needed by AHSTS and deposit slips for monies the AHSTS has earned.

  • The treasurer will check the accuracy of the In and Out financial record maintained by the advisor.