Ashland High School Theatrical Society

Welcome to AHSTS!

Ashland High School Theatrical Society is an extracurricular program that produces two productions each year. The Theatrical Society Adviser and Student Officers oversee the program.

The focus of the Theatrical Society: to enhance student education by developing skills that promote success in today’s world. Skills include: effective communication, leadership, self-confidence, and self-discipline.

Our productions are about collaboration. The final product—the show—is a symbol of the efforts of all involved, both backstage and onstage.

Our Mission

AHSTS is a collaboratively based after-school theater program overseen by the AHSTS Advisor and student officers.

Our mission is:

  • to cultivate participation in the program for academic enhancement, socialization outside the classroom, and program growth;

  • to produce challenging, professional and accessible productions;

  • to provide a welcoming, fair, respectful, and collaborative environment;

  • to teach and encourage leadership skills;

  • to provide high quality and valuable communal learning experiences.

News and Information

AHSTS 2022 Spring Production Auditions: Tuesday, March 1st. Callbacks: Wednesday, March 2nd. Production TBD.