The first Waldorf School, Stuttgart, Germany.



This site is an effort to offer straight answers to common questions about Waldorf schools (also known as Steiner schools), their policies and operations, the sort of education they provide, and the thinking behind them.

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My name is Roger Rawlings. I am a former Waldorf school student and the host today of the website Waldorf Watch. The information I provide here is based on extensive research. Much of it is skeptical and even critical of Waldorf education, but I trust it is free of prejudice. I attempt to let the facts speak for themselves.

I provide many links to other sites where you can find additional information, both favorable and unfavorable to Waldorf.* If you want to read opinions that are wholly favorable to Waldorf schools, you can visit such sites as Why Waldorf Works, Defending Steiner, and Rudolf Steiner WebYou can also consult such sources as Wikipedia, but a word of caution is in order: Rudolf Steiner's followers are dedicated and energetic. They often exert great influence on public websites such as Wikipedia, bending them to the position they prefer. So take nothing for granted at any website you visit, including — of course — this one.


* Trying to present all points of view can cause confusion. One site says "yes," another site says "no." Which is true?

I have worked to make sure that the answers provided here are true, so you may not need to look elsewhere for further information. But consistent with my advice that you should take no one's word without careful examination, I provide links to other sites to help you extend your inquiries, if you choose.




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Ahriman  :  Ahriman

Angels  :  Polytheism

Anthroposophical Headquarters [see Goetheanum] 

Anthroposophical Medicine  :  Steiner's Quackery

Anthroposophy  :  Everything

                             Is Anthroposophy a Religion?

                             Knowing Higher Worlds

Arts-Intensive Curriculum  :  Magical Arts

Astral body  :  Incarnation

Astrology  :  Astrology

Atlantis  :  Atlantis

The Bible  : Old Testament

                         Was He Christian?

Biodynamic Gardening  :  Biodynamics

Brain  :  Steiner's Specific

Christ  :  Sun God

Clairvoyance  : Clairvoyance


Class Teacher  :  Methods

Computers [see Technology]

Conditions of Consciousness [see Planetary Conditions]

Cultural Epochs [see Epochs]

Education [see Waldorf Schools]

Elemental Beings [see Nature Spirits]

Epochs  :  Epochs

Etheric body  :  Incarnation

Eurythmy  :  Magical Arts

Evolution  :  Evolution, Anyone?

Festivals  :  Magical Arts

Freedom  :  Freedom

Future Jupiter [see Jupiter]

Future Venus [see Venus]

Future Vulcan [see Vulcan]

Gnomes  :  Gnomes

Gods  :  Polytheism

Goetheanum  :  Is Anthroposophy a Religion?

Great Epochs  [see Epochs]

Guardian(s) of the Threshold  :  Guardians

Gurus  :  Guru

Head, Heart and Hands  :  Holistic Education

Hierarchies  :  Polytheism

Higher Worlds  :  Higher Worlds

                                    Knowing Higher Worlds

Holy Grail  :  Grail

Human Stage of Evolution  :  Steiner Static

"I"  :  Incarnation

Imagination  : Thinking Cap

Incarnation  :  Incarnation

Indoctrination : Indoctrination

Initiation  :  Inside Scoop

Intellect  :  Steiner's Specific

Jupiter (and Future Jupiter)  :  Future Stages

Karma  :  Karma

Lazure  :  Ex-Teacher 2

Lemuria  :  Lemuria

Lucifer  :  Lucifer

Main Lesson  : Curriculum

Michael  :  Michael

Moon (and Old Moon)  :  Old Moon, Etc.

Morning Verse [see Prayers]

Music [see Arts-Intensive Curriculum]

Mysteries  :  Knowing the Worlds

Mystery Plays  :  Plays

Myths  :  Oh My Word

Nature Spirits  :  Neutered Nature

Norse Myths  :  The Gods

Occult Science  :  Everything

Occultism  :  Occultism

Old Moon [see Moon]

Old Saturn [see Saturn]

Old Sun [see Sun]

Organs of Clairvoyance  : Anthropopery

Painting [see Arts-Intensive Curriculum]

Parents [see Waldorf Parents]

Planetary Conditions  :  Planets

Planets  :  Planets

Polytheism  :  Polytheism

Prayers  :  Prayers

Present Earth  :  Present Earth

Progressive Education  :  Ex-Teacher 3

Racism  :  Steiner's Racism

Reincarnation  :  Karma

Religion  :  Is Anthroposophy a Religion?

                       Here's the Answer

Rhythm  :  Encyclopedia, R-S

Rosicrucianism  :  Rosy Cross

Saturn (and Old Saturn)  :  Old Saturn 

Science  :  Steiner's 'Science'

Seven-Year Stages  :  Most Significant

Shaded Drawing  :  Encyclopedia, R-S

Soul World  :  Higher Worlds

Spirit-Soul  :  Waldorf's Purpose

Spirit World  :  Higher Worlds

Spiritual Exercises  :  Knowing the Worlds

                                             Power Words

Spiritual Science [see Anthroposophy]

Steiner, Rudolf  :  What a Guy

Steiner Schools [see Waldorf Schools]

Steiner-Waldorf Schools [see Waldorf Schools]

Sun (and Old Sun)  :  Old Sun

Sun God  :  Sun God

Supersensible  :  Encyclopedia, R-S

Technology  :  Spiders, Dragons and Foxes

Teeth, Change Of  : Incarnation

Television  :  Clues

Temperaments  :  Temperaments

Thinking  :  Thinking

Threefolding  :  Threefolding

Vaccination  :  Steiner's Quackery

Veil Painting  :  Encyclopedia, T-Z

Venus (and Future Venus)  :  Future Stages

Vulcan (and Future Vulcan)  :  Vulcan

Waldorf Parents  :  Faculty Meetings

Waldorf Schools  :  Curriculum

                               Here's the Answer



                                          Sneaking It In

                               Soul School

                               Spiritual Agenda

Waldorf Students  :  Soul School

Waldorf Teachers  :  Teacher Training

                                            The Waldorf Teacher's Consciousness

War of All Against All  :  All v. All

Wet-on-Wet Painting  :  Magical Arts

Whole Child  :  Holistic Education

Zodiac  :  Zodiac