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The Index is not all-inclusive — you will find additional information on pages scattered throughout the site — but it should start you down various lines of inquiry. For definitions of terms and brief commentaries, see The Semi-Steiner Dictionary and The Brief Waldorf / Steiner Encyclopedia. The Encyclopedia provides the most comprehensive introduction to Waldorf/Anthroposophical subjects, including many that are not included in this Index. On the other hand, the Index includes some minor or tangential subjects missing from the Encyclopedia.

Some headings in the Index represent judgments about Steiner’s work — these headings are not terms that Steiner himself employed. You can reach your own conclusions about whether such headings offer valuable guidance in evaluating Steiner’s work.

Please understand that I consider several of the topics listed in the index — such as those connected to racism — detestable. I include them only because they are part of the Steiner worldview.

— Roger Rawlings

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