Tracfone Unlimited Carry Over

Now Tracfone Minutes and Activity time offer Unlimited Carry Over 

Tracfone Unlimited Carry Over

Tracfone has had a change of heart. They have always allowed your minutes to Carry Over.

If you have 80 minutes left when you have to add activity time when you add your new card the 80 minutes will carry over and add to the new minutes.

Tracfone activity time now is allowed to Carry Over. If you run low on minutes and you still have activity time left when you add a new card your phone the activity time on your new card will be added to your current activity time.

For example if you have 10 minutes and 121 days left and you add a 120 minute 90 day card you will end up with 130 minutes and 211 days. Tracfone no longer has the 120 maximum days of activity that they used to have.

Tracfone Doubler Card

The Tracfone double minute card normally costs $49.95. When you add this to your phone every card you add will give you twice as many minutes. This makes your Tracfone much less expensive to use. Now when you add a $40 card you will get 400 minutes. Tracfone now includes the doubler feature on the new Lg CG 225 and the Motorola W370. Tracfone wants you to buy minutes. They want you as a Tracfone user. They would give you a phone if you would just use it. The problem they have is when they sell the phones really cheap then people buy them reprogram them and send them overseas to be resold. None of the cell phone companies in the US will allow you to use a reprogrammed Tracfone on their networks. This is not true in many other parts of the world. Buy a LG 225 phone at TracFone and get $30 off, plus double minutes and free shipping!

Cell phones are Addicting

Once you start using a mobile phone it is so handy you will keep at it. Whether just calling your significant other to see what you need to pick up at the store or trying to catch up with a friend. They are so convenient many people will spend hundreds of dollars a month. In the construction industry and delivery industry they save lots and lots of hours.

Tracfone Lg 3280 and the Net10 Lg 225Picture of the Tracfone Lg 3280 next to Lg CG 225 unfolded.

Both the  Lg 3280 and the LG 225 Tracfone can be purchased with the DMFL (Double Minutes for Life) card already installed.   I would only buy a Tracfone with DMFL otherwise the minutes are too expensive.

Tracfone Carryover is much like the Rollover advertized on some of the other networks.  The minute and service time carry over is an important feature of Tracfone.

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