Skype Voip

What is Skype Voip and why do I use it as my home phone?

Skype Voip is one of several companies offering Voip (Voice over Internet Protocol). Voip uses your high speed internet connection to make phone calls.

How does Skype work with a Prepaid phone? It works very well for me I use the prepaid cell phone for messages and Skype Unlimited to talk.

Skype Website

First off I am amazed at the confusion that Skype creates on their website. The Skype website is a bit disorganized. The Skype Voip calling plan is great though and the plan is actually pretty simple.


This is a picture of the Tracfone or Net10 Lg 200c

Skype had a lot of different levels of Voip Programs

Skype Free

This is the basic free service. Download the Skype software and you can talk through your computer with almost anyone in the world who has high speed access and Skype.

Skype Pro

Skype Pro is a package of Skype products that cost $3 per month.


You can call almost any phone in the world at very good rates if you put money into your Skype Out account.

Skype Unlimited

Skype Unlimited is a subscription service that allows you to make unlimited calls to your region for a flat rate. For example in the United States and Canada you can make unlimited calls for one year for $30 per year.


This service allows you to get a phone number assigned to your computer so you can recieve unlimited phone calls.

Voip 911 Calls

911 calls do not work on Skype. Check out this article for a solution.

Skype Download

To get Skype to work you need to download a small program onto your computer. Simple, quick to do. It took me way longer to figure out their website than set up the Skype Service.

Call ordinary phones anywhere in the world from your computer for the price of a local call with SkypeOut from

Check out Voip 911 Calls.

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