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Skype Voip is one of several companies offering Voip (Voice over Internet Protocol). Voip uses your high speed internet connection to make phone calls.

Skype Website

First off I am amazed at the confusion that Skype creates on their website. The Skype website is a mess of disorganized information. the Skype Voip calling plan is actually pretty simple.

Skype Pro is $3 a month in the United States.

  • It allows unlimited free calling anywhere in the US and Canada.
  • No connection fee for calls to the US and Canada.
  • You can save up to 60% on a SkypeIn Number. If you want an incoming number for your Skype service it is separate, you will have to purchase a Skype In Number. Without a SkypeIn number you can still get calls from other on the Skye network but not from regular land line or cell phones.
  • You can transfer calls to Skype contacts, land line phones, or cell phones when you have Skype Pro.
  • You can set up Voice Mail for your Skype service if you are a Skype Pro subscriber.

Order a Skype Pro subscription for $3 per month from Get Unlimited calls to the US and Canada. Check out Voip 911 Calls because Skype phones do not work to call 911 like a regular phone will.

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