7 Dollar a Month Cell Phone

Are you looking for cell phone access that doesn't cost you $40 to $120 a month?  
The least expensive cell phone you can get is from Tracfone on a monthly basis. 

You can pay as little as $6.66 per month and keep your Tracfone working by buying and adding $19.99 Tracfone Cards every 90 days at Tracfone.com.

You will not have many minutes to use but you will have phone access for $6.66 per month.

Purchase any Tracfone although I would recommend you only buy a TMFL*** Tracfone.  You can then add a $20 card that will give you 90 days of access and 60 minutes (120 minutes with DMFL, 180 minutes with TMFL) to use over the next three months. This is only $6.66 per month.  Warning 120 minutes is not very many phone calls.  Most short phone calls will be 5 minutes or more. 

Tracfone Minutes

Minute cards come in several denominations.  $20, $30, $40 and more.  The larger cards give you more minutes per dollar than the less expensive cards.  If you use a lot of minutes you will be much better off buying larger cards.

The Best Tracfone Deals

Normally the Best Tracfone Deals are available at Tracfone.com.  Phones start at $9.99 usually.  You will also have the largest variety of Tracfones to choose from at the website.  Be sure to look for "Triple Minutes for Life" in the description of the phone you are buying.  
TracFone - LunchOnUs - SAMSUNG T301 - DMFL  

Tracfone Text Messages

You can stretch your minutes by texting, you will get 3 texts per unit (also called minutes).  You will be charged to send and to receive texts on most Tracfones.  For example if you are at the grocery store without a list you could text your significant other and ask what she needs.  To send and receive will only cost you less than a minute and to call will cost at least five minutes.
Get $3 off on any Tracfone phone or accessory $19.99 or more with coupon code 23444

Tracfone Rollover

Tracfone service time and minutes roll over so if you add another phone card before your minutes or service time have expired the minutes and service time you currently have will be added to your just purchased minutes and service time.


***What is Tracfone DMFL and TMFL?***

Tracfone has three pricing plans.  Some phones come with Double Minutes for Life, or Triple minutes for life, which means that whenever you add a Tracfone phone card you will get twice or three times as many minutes as are stated on the card.  DMFL and TMFL is not transferable to another phone.  All of the expensive Tracfones come with DMFL or TMFL and often you can purchase a basic $19.99 phone with DMFL.  The best deals on TMFL phones are  only available at Tracfone.com.

I hope this was helpful,
Rick the Prepaid Cell Phone Guy