Tracfone Christmas Deals

The Best Tracfone Deals for Christmas With Free Overnight Shipping

In my opinion the best Tracfone deal is the

                       Tracfone LG 420G with Phone Card for $19.99

This deal includes a $10 gift certificate, a $20 phone card and a phone.  Use the code 23444 and save $3 off this $19.99 deal.  Be sure that any phone you purchase has DMFL.

Get $3 off on any Tracfone Phone with coupon code 23444

Free Overnight Shipping

The Best Straight Talk Christmas Deal with Overnight Shipping

Straight Talk has a free phone deal going right now.  You can get either a free LG 220C or a LG 290C free with the purchase of either a $30 1,000 minute card or a $45 Unlimited phone card.  Both of these are good basic phones with Bluetooth, Mobile web and texting capabilites.  The 290C is a slider phone and the 220C is a Clamshell folding phone.  I personally like the folding phone but the Sliders are a bit more popular.

This Christmas season is the first time that Straight Talk has offered Free phones.  If you are spending around $30 a month on your Tracfone service you will get a lot more for your money by spending $30 a month with Straight Talk.

Check out the free LG Phones at Straight

LG290C All You Need - Free Phone

Best Net10 Christmas Deal with Free Overnight Shipping

Any of the Net10 Phones that are coming with the free Phone card are pretty good deals.  You can buy the T201G with $50 phone card and a $20 gift card for $50.  Even if you don't want the phone you end up getting Unlimited Net10 service for $30 when you subtract the Gift card. 

If you use Net10 purchase code you will end up paying $27 for a month of unlimited service.

Get $3 off on any Net10 phone with Discount code 34567

Gift of Savings - Buy Any Unlimited Bundle Get $20

Buy Two Phones

You can purchase two phones at a time.  If you are getting the phone or the phone card for free it is a great deal to buy an extra one.  It is really handy to have a spare phone charger and a spare phone.  Or you can give the extra phone away.  I bought three batches of two phones in about ten minutes the other night.  Christmas anyone?