Skype Free
Skype has a lot of different levels of Voip Programs. Voip uses high speed internet access to make phone calls. Talking through your computer.

Skype Free

This is the basic free service. Download the Skype software and install it and you can talk through your computer with almost anyone in the world who has high speed access and Skype.

You can talk to anyone else who has Skype for free.

This works really well. Many people are able to keep in touch with their children, grandkids, girlfriends, whatever with high speed access and headphones.

To make mine work I bought the headphones shown below, downloaded Skype--less than a minute, installed the software, picked a name and password and was ready. Then I bought the $30 unlimited outgoing calls plan and I started calling. If you are calling other people who have Skype already you do not need to pay or put money on your account.

Sophisticated Equipment required for Skype--really simple.

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This basic headphone cost $18.95 at a discount store. They are available at Target, Radio Shack, Wall-mart almost anywhere that sells electronics.

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You can buy a box to plug into a USB port in your computer that will allow you to plug your normal land line phone phone into it. This can make your VoIP phone experience nearly the same as your regular land line.

Call ordinary phones anywhere in the world from your computer for the price of a local call with SkypeOut from

Check out Voip 911 Calls the 911 service does not work normally on Skype.

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