How Tracfone Prepay Works

This article shows How Tracfone Prepay Works.

Tracfone is a simple Cost Per Minute prepaid cell phone company.

First you will buy a Tracfone and a Tracfone Card. You can only use a Tracfone for Tracfone service, you cannot use a Verizon, At&t, T-Mobile, Alltel, Net10 or any other phone with Tracfone Service. The Tracfone SIM card will not work in any other phone either.

Then you activate the phone by calling Tracfone on a land line or by using the web.

To activate your phone you will key in a series of numbers. It is really simple and if you hit the wrong key you will be able to easily redo it..

Adding a Tracfone Minute card is even easier. You can add Tracfone units directly from the phone or from the Tracfone website. You will key in the 15 digit PIN code into your phone.

When adding a minute card if you use a five digit Bonus Code you might get more minutes. Check out the Tracfone Bonus Codes.

Tracfone W376g and Lg 200c

Tracfone Motorola W376g and LG 200c

Tracfone Service Time

The $20, $30, $40, and $80 Tracfone Cards all give you ninety days of service along with the minutes. If you do not have service time left on your phone it will not work even if you have minutes left.. The remaining number of minutes and the service end date will usually show on your display. hwtracwrks and How Tracfone Prepay Works.

Buying Tracfone Phone Cards

Tracfone minute cards come in different sizes. You can spend $20, $30, $40, $80, $100 and $200. As you spend more money on the card you get more minutes per dollar. With the first four cards you get 90 days of service time with the card. The twenty dollar card only gives you three minutes per dollar and the eighty dollar card gives you 5.8 minutes per dollar. These numbers double with Double Minutes for Life. The $100 and $200 cards extend your service by twelve months.

Tracfone DMFL Card

Be sure to check out what Tracfone DMFL is before you buy your Tracfone. Here is a great article on Tracfone DMFL. I would never add minutes to a phone without the Doubler Card installed.

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Tracfone Service Time and Minutes Roll Over

With Tracfone your minutes and service time will add on to your current balance. For instance if you have 20 minutes and 60 days left on your Tracfone and you add a 120 minute phone card you will end up with 140 minutes and 150 days left. If you have DMFL it would be 260 minutes (2+120+120) and 150 days of service.

Tracfone Mistakes

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Here is a great article on How Tracfone Prepay Works.

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