Tracfone LG 3280 Flip Phone Review

Review and Pictures of the LG 3280 the CDMA Tracfone Flip Phone

Tracfone Prepaid Cellular is not known to have fancy phones. The Tracfone LG 3280 Flip Phone is one of their fanciest phones as of July 2007 but it is still a very simple phone. I have been using mine for about 9 months and I like it a lot.

My last phone was the Nokia 2126 which is a very simple Candy Bar style phone. The battery charge on the 2126 would last up to a week where as the battery charge on the LG 3280 Flip phone normally only a couple of days.

Lg 3280 Tracfone

Advantages to an LG 3280 Flip Phone

The lg 3280 is the the first Single Rate folding CDMA Tracfone cell phone. The rest of the CDMA phones except the new "2126i" all charge you double minutes for roaming. One unit per minute anywhere you use the LG 3280. This even includes International Long Distance Calls.

Texting with the LG 3280 is .3 units in and .3 units out. This is a lot better than .5 units in and out on most the other CDMA phones.

The LG 3280 is a CDMA phone which means it works on the Verizon and the Alltel and US Cellular networks. In many areas of the country this is the best coverage for Tracfone.

How to buy a Tracfone LG 3280 Flip Phone

In most of the United States you can not buy an LG 3280 cell phone from Tracfone. If the area you live in has Cingular or T-Mobile coverage you will not be able to buy a 3280 from Tracfone. There is a simple little trick to buy a CDMA phone from Tracfone Cellular if you live in Cingular/T-mobile (GSM)coverage area. Go to the Web Site and use the 59801 zip code when ordering your phone.

LG 3280 Available as a DMFL Cell Phone

I strongly recommend you only buy Tracfones that come with the DMFL (double minutes for life) feature.  It is $50 to add it and if you use more than 100 minutes a month it will quickly pay to have a DMFL phone.  The LG 3280 just became available as a DMFL.

Tracfone LG 3280 Flip Phone Review

For any area of the United States that has good Cell phone coverage with Verizon or Alltel the Tracfone LG 3280 Flip Phone is going to be one of the best working single rate pay as you go phones. It is the first Single Rate CDMA Phone.

If you live in AT&t (Cingular) or T-Mobile coverage area you might check out the TracFone Motorola W370. It is one of the best new Tracfones.

Get an LG 3280 Flip Phone from TracFone

Folded Tracfone LG 3280

This picture shows the Tracfone LG 3280 Folded next to a pen to show the size.
Tracfone Motorola C139, Moto C261, Lg 3280
This picture shows the c139, c261, and the LG 3280.
Tracfone Motorola C139, Tracfone Motrola C261, Lg 3280
This picture compares the size of the Motorola C139 (left)
to the Motorola C261 camera phone (center) and the LG 3280 (right).
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